Rates Notices 2018-19

Questions and Responses

Just have a few queries re household rates notices for FY18-19:

 How many or what percentage of residents will see an increase above the 2.25 per cent rate cap? And how many below?

Council has applied for a rate cap variation above the 2.25% rate cap following the introduction of recycling bans by China and a $1.5 million cost for recycling (rather than a $600,000 payment to Council).  We are currently waiting on approval from the Essential Services Commission.  The 2018-19 Draft Budget has been prepared on the basis of a 3.53% higher rate cap variation which is what we have applied for to the ESC. 

The distribution of ratepayers is 48% who are under or equal to the rate cap percentage and 52% who will be over the rate cap percentage.  However, the average rate increase for all ratepayers in Monash will be the rate cap of 2.25% or, if approved, the  rate cap variation of 3.53%.  The  number of rates assessments is around 79,000.

Are revaluations the main reason for the variations?

Yes. The value of a property determines the amount of rates payable by a resident.

If the property value has increased by more than the average, the rates will increase above the 2.25% or 3.53% average increase. If the property’s value has increased by less than the average, the rates will increase by less than the 2.25% or 3.53% average or decrease. Council does not receive any extra money as a result of the property revaluation.

When will rates notices be sent out?

Early July.

Provided to: Herald Sun

Date: 31 May 2018

Quoting: Mayor Paul Klisaris