Single Use Plastics Media Response

Questions and Responses

I am doing a story with a Mt Waverley resident who wants council to try to encourage Monash retailers to get rid of single-use plastic bags. She suggested selecting a small shopping hub and then gradually expanding it out.

Is this something council is or has looked at doing? Does council have a stance on single-use plastic bags?

It’s great to hear of residents who support to reduction of single-use plastics as Council also has that focus.

At its December 2017 meeting Council resolved to reduce the use of single use plastic across all Council business. This decision includes revising stallholder guidelines for Council-run and sponsored events and developing an education program to deliver within Monash Council and to the community.

In addition, Council has committed to advocate and contribute to the Victorian Government consultation process to best implement a Policy for a state wide ban of single use plastic bags.

The most common form of single use plastics identified across our Council business is plastic packaging associated with purchases we make. We will be reviewing our policies and leasing agreements and request that suppliers avoid or reduce the use of plastic film packaging from items purchased by Council or provide alternative recyclable or reusable packaging materials, where appropriate.

Anything else?

We really encourage our community to do whatever they can to take actions like reducing single-use plastic in their daily activities and we aim to set an example by doing the same across our Council buildings and events.


Issued: Wednesday, 7 March 2018.
To: Monash Leader.
Quoting: Mayor, Councillor Paul Klisaris