Sporting and Recreation spaces in Monash Media Response

 21 February 2018

 Questions and Responses


How many sporting ovals (football/cricket grounds) do you have in your municipality?

70, however some of our grounds are used dually for cricket in Summer and then converted into two junior soccer pitches in winter.

How many sporting ovals did you have in your municipality 10 years ago?

As above.

How many soccer pitches do you have in your municipality?


How many soccer pitches did you have in your municipality 10 years ago?


How many netball courts do you have in your municipality?

24 – Waverley Netball Centre, Jells Park (4 indoor, 8 Outdoor) and Ashwood High School (12 Outdoor)

How many netball courts did you have in your municipality 10 years ago?

As above

How many sporting pavilions do you have in your municipality?


How many sporting pavilions did you have in your municipality 10 years ago?

74 – we have renewed and upgraded pavilions in this time and built two new pavilions in Central Reserve North, Glen Waverley and Electra Reserve, Ashwood.

What, if any, plans does your council have to develop more ovals, recreation space or improve access to existing facilities such as school ovals in your area?

Council is currently developing a  second synthetic soccer pitch at Gardiners Reserve,  Burwood, The municipality’s other synthetic soccer pitch is at Jack Edwards Reserve, Oakleigh. This new pitch at Gardiners Reserve will ease maintenance and allocation pressures on this recreation space. Council is excited about the participation opportunities that will be generated as part of this project. Monash Council also has a draft Open Space Strategy that proposes to increase the ways people can use and access existing open space.  We are also looking at options for shared use of school ovals. For more information:

What issues does council face in providing access to sporting and recreation space to the maximum amount of users in the municipality?

Like most Councils in metropolitan Melbourne a high percentage of our reserves are already operating at capacity. Club growth, additional teams and new sports create pressure on allocations. There is also pressure on maintenance of playing fields associated with growing use. The cost of providing improved or increased amounts of open space and recreational facilities is very difficult for Councils to meet.

Please provide a detailed account of how requests for use of sporting facilities has increased or decreased in recent years? This could be through an increased number of requests for a specific sport (such as soccer or basketball), calls for more female friendly facilities or requests for use of facilities at particular times or days. Any other similar trends should also be detailed here.

The growth of teams within clubs including basketball, netball and soccer has created further demand for training and match day allocations.  The increased participation of women in sport, which is a great thing, has also increased demand for facilities that are female-friendly like change rooms and bathrooms.  We have also seen an increase in the demand for casual sporting opportunities like community basketball hoops, tennis walls and adult fitness equipment in our parks.

How is the growth of female sport impacting council owned and operated facilities?

Council is very supportive of female sports participation and it’s fantastic to see that it’s growing and thriving. Many of our pavilions were built years ago and are not female-friendly, especially when it comes to change rooms and amenities. In recent years, Monash Council has undertaken a number of refurbishments to make sure our facilities cater to women and girls and are inclusive for all, as well as ensuring all new/redeveloped facilities do too.

What, if any, assistance would council like from state and federal governments to enhance the health and wellbeing of ratepayers through sporting and recreation in your municipality?

Monash Council would welcome continued and increased opportunities for State and Federal funding for projects, similar to the State Government’s Community Sports Infrastructure Fund. Additional funds for infrastructure, bicycle paths and land acquisition would help us to enhance the wellbeing of our residents as well as  greater recognition of the benefits of sport and recreation to health and well-being – particularly preventative health. We would also like the State Government to provide some guidance on access to school facilities so we can increase sport participation and relieve some of the pressure on our Council facilities.

Issued: Friday, 16 February 2018.
To: Herald Sun
Quoting: Mayor, Councillor Paul Klisaris

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