Sports Fees and Charges Media Response

Questions and Responses 

Cr James mentioned (at last night's meeting) that for those clubs whose fees would go up, the average would be $9 (?) while at the top range it would be $18-24 - are these figures accurate? How is it calculated? Which clubs would be affected?

In looking at new fees and charges for sportsgrounds and reserve, we want to make sure we share the costs of maintenance fairly across all sports clubs.

Under the new structure, Council will pay 85% of the overall costs of maintenance with clubs contributing 15%.

Council has consulted with clubs in developing this new pricing structure and generally clubs were accepting of the methodology and supportive of the pricing system.

The system sees junior fees being set at 50% of senior fees and under 13 years teams fees set at 25% of senior fees.

The maintenance costs include all of the direct costs such as mowing, fertilisers, pesticides, specialised machinery and specialised staff that perform ground maintenance works.

Sports fields that cater for the highest level of Victorian sport generally play on premier level grounds in competitions that include TAC Cup games in AFL , National Premier League in Soccer and Victorian Premier Cricket or Victorian Rugby Union.

As the grounds that they play on cost the most to maintain, it’s only fair that the associated  fees and charges reflect this level of maintenance.  Importantly,  junior sport played on local level sports grounds pay a lesser amount in accordance with a lower level of maintenance.

Overall the changes for most clubs will be minimal and a number of clubs will actually experience a reduction in fees.

For those clubs playing at premier level grounds the highest level of increase based on the current numbers of teams will be $37 per senior player per season, but on average the increase per senior player on premier grounds will be around $10 per senior player. This is the most significant area of increase overall.

Where a club is concerned about the fee increases, we will spread the costs over two years to lessen the impact.


Issued: Thursday, 1 March 2018
To: Monash Leader
Quoting: Mayor, Councillor Paul Klisaris