Monash Urban Landscape and Canopy Vegetation Strategy - Media Response

Questions and Responses

How important is the garden and 'green' nature of the city to Monash as a whole?

The ‘garden city’ character of Monash is highly valued by residents and is a defining feature of our municipality. However, as Monash has grown, there has been a noticeable change to the leafy green character in some areas of the city and we know this is of concern to residents.

Trees add so much to Monash’s liveability and research findings show that long lived canopy trees have amazing environmental and community benefits, and can actually hugely impact on the value of properties.

While we welcome the growth of Monash, we need to ensure this doesn’t come at the cost of our much loved greenery.

Why is it important to tackle this issue?

Currently Monash’s tree canopy is at 22%,  lower than neighbouring municipalities of Whitehorse (23%), Stonnington (25%) and Boroondara (28%). The draft Monash Urban Landscape and Canopy Vegetation Strategy aims for a target of 30% tree canopy by 2030. We want to  balance development and greening of the landscape. It’s clear we need to look into changing the way we manage trees in Monash by not only advocating for the retention of mature trees but also promoting the planting of new trees when removal is required.

How much feedback does council receive about this sort of thing from the community?

One of the main complaints we receive at Council is about loss of vegetation on land when it is developed, especially  the “moonscaping” of blocks for single houses where all vegetation is cleared prior to development. The community is genuinely concerned about the removal of vegetation across Monash. We do have parts of Monash covered by a Vegetation Protection Overlay whereby trees of more than 10m are protected.

What is the process from here?

Council will hold a series of drop-in community information sessions on the strategy and we encourage people to attend and have their say. Public consultation on this strategy will inform Council on what parts of Monash’s landscape are most valued by the community and how to preserve these for the future.

Anything else?

The dates for the community drop-in sessions on the Draft Monash Urban Landscape and Canopy Vegetation Strategy are on:

Monday, 23 July 1-4pm

Monash Civic Centre, Glen Waverley

Wednesday, 25 July 3.30pm-6.30pm

Oakleigh Seminar & Training Centre

Monday 30 July 3.30pm-6.30pm

Mt Waverley Youth Centre

Wednesday 1 August 3.30pm-6.30pm

Mulgrave Community Centre

Thursday 2 August 3.30pm-6.30pm

Clayton Community Centre


Provided to: Monash Leader

Date: 7 June 2018

Quoting: Mayor Paul Klisaris


More information: Have Your Say - Draft Urban Landscape and Canopy Vegetation Strategy