Vinnies Crewe Rd (Hughesdale)

Questions and Responses

Vinnies Crewe Rd

We have had complaints from residents about the noise and apparent lack of restrictions imposed upon St Vincent's de Paul in Crewe Rd. The stem of the issue appears to be that it was originally set-up in the 70s to run as volunteer-based two days a week, now it runs seven days a week as a training centre and transfer site. Residents are not happy with the busyness of the street, the lack of sufficient loading area resulting in loading/unloading being done on the street, many front fences being damaged due to the loading/unloading. They say the busiest days are now at the weekend because it is operating, despite it being a residential area, affecting the amenity of those who live there.

What is council's response to this situation?

Council understands the concerns of residents, but also recognises that Vinnies is allowed to continue to use their land for their purposes.

Council has responded to resident’s requests to look into what can be done to alleviate their concerns. We have looked at a number of issues relating to the use, car parking and loading and unloading of goods and, as a result, we’ve changed some of the parking restrictions at the Vinnies end of Crewe Road – 1hr parking (8am to 6pm) on the store side and 30 minute parking (8am to 6pm) on the opposite side of the street.  We are also doing extra parking patrols of the area, especially on weekends and we have an officer attend as soon as possible when a complaint is received.

We are happy to continue to work with residents and Vinnies to resolve issues, but we have limited legislative powers.  Ultimately, Vinnies and the residents will need to work together to find a way to co-exist and Council is happy to participate in this process if there is willingness on both sides.

An old planning permit still applies to the land which does not provide many conditions. Council is limited in its legislative powers under the planning permit and use of land.

There are some restrictions on the collection of garbage and deliveries occurring in the loading bay by Vinnies, but their customers aren’t covered by this requirement.  There is no requirement for customers of the store to use the loading bay, but more for the operator to do so.

Has council received complaints about this operation?

Yes and as a result there has been a number of meetings and correspondence with the residents and Vinnies over the years and more meetings with residents in recent months.

Can restrictions be put on St Vincent's?

No.  Vinnies has a long term right of use on the land but on the matters relating to parking, loading and unloading and rubbish that continue to cause complaints from residents we will continue to  work with them to find a resolution. 

Did council envisage this land, in a residential area, being put to this sort of use?

There are many non-residential uses that occur in residential areas ranging from child care centres, service stations and fast food businesses.  With this situation, Vinnies has a right to continue to trade from the site by virtue of the long standing commercial use of the site.

Provided to: Monash Leader

Date: 19 April 2018

Quoting: Mayor Paul Klisaris