Wanda Street Mural Media Response

Questions and responses

We received a report that the mural at 52 Wanda St, Mulgrave, has been graffitied.

 Could I please get a response from council about this? Is it disappointing etc?

It is not just disappointing, it’s infuriating that this mural has been graffitied with ugly tags.  It’s clear to anyone the work that has gone into the design of this mural and it’s a blow to the community and the artist that someone has vandalised the artwork.  The is the first mural Council has commissioned that has been vandalised to this extent and I think the community will be as disgusted as I am at this senseless vandalism.

Can you tell me a bit about how the original artwork was commissioned and why? Part of something council is looking at around Monash?

The Mulgrave community told us they wanted a mural to represent the different cultures and ages of local people, as well as the green character of Mulgrave. As part of the consultation process in April 2016 we held a community workshop and three graffiti prevention education sessions in nearby schools. Council received a $25,000 grant from the State Government for the project, which included the community workshop and three graffiti prevention education sessions in local schools.

Council has supported the creation of street art murals over the past three years as it helps prevent graffiti which can make people feel less safe in their local neighbourhoods. Those who tag or graffiti buildings often respect the work of street artists and will not tag or graffiti their work, which makes these actions very disappointing.  Many of the street art projects have also received State Government funding.

Will council be cleaning it off?

Yes we are working with the artist to assess the damage and restore the mural. We have to assess whether the tags can be removed without damaging the mural or whether the artist Hayden Dewar needs to repaint sections of the mural.

Could I please get some figures regarding how much graffiti removal is done in Monash each year, how much time is wasted etc?

Council has commissioned a number of murals that have only been tagged (on average) once a year.  

In 2017 Council contractors conducted 1024 jobs (averaging 1.5 hours each) removing graffiti from Council properties and commissioned murals.

 Do you have any pictures of the original murals when they went up (otherwise I can ask the artist)?

 (Images provided).

Issued: Thursday, 8 February 2018.
To: Monash Leader.
Quoting: Mayor, Councillor Paul Klisaris