Monash Lockdown Challenge - Recreating Art

 07 May 2020

Image of Mona Lisa

Are you a fan of the Mona Lisa or the Girl with a Pearl Earring? Maybe you love The Scream? We're running a fun Monash Lockdown Challenge and asking you to share your recreation of your favourite famous artwork! 

Get involved by picking an artwork, recreating it and sharing it with us! 


Picking an artwork

Please ensure that the famous artwork you choose to recreate is in the public domain. A public domain artwork is one that is free of known copyright around the world. If you're unsure of a particular artwork and can't find information about it online, it's best to pick another one. 

Here are some examples of where to find public domain artwork:

You can also find some inspo for your recreation looks online

Submit your entries

  • Post to your social media and hashtag #thisismonash and #monashlockdownchallenge (please ensure the post is set to Public/Everyone so that we can see it)
  • Send your photo to us via our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts 
  • Email your photo to (please ensure photos are less than 10MB).

We'll be displaying your entries on our website and social media accounts! Please note: if an image is not appropriate or breaches copyright, it will not be shared to our channels. 

Consent for online use of photograph

By submitting your photograph, you give consent to Monash City Council to publicly share and publish your image to its social media pages and website.

On your request, Monash Council will remove the photographs from its website and social media pages. However, viewers of the photographs may share, download and/or screenshot the photograph. This means that if Monash Council removes the photograph from its pages, it does not guarantee that they won’t exist elsewhere. 

If you're looking for some more fun #isoinspo, head to: Isolation Inspiration: Arts & Culture

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