Safer paths for pedestrians and cyclists

 20 June 2018

Bike riding

Monash Council is working with VicRoads to make safety improvements for cyclists and pedestrians along a strategic cycling corridor from Syndal Railway Station to Clayton Railway Station via Monash University.

The project is part of the State Government's $100 million Safer Cyclist and Pedestrian Fund.

The works will be in two sections: from Syndal Station to Monash University and the university to Clayton Railway Station.

The first section

This runs from Syndal Station to Monash University and includes:

  • New off-road shared path along Forster Road and Gardiner Road from Monash University to Scotchmans Creek Trail and sections of new off-road path
  • New traffic lights on Forster Road (south of French Street); Monash Freeway off-ramp at Forster Road; Waverley Road (near Anthony Drive)
  • Upgrade of existing traffic lights to include pedestrian and cyclist lights at several locations.

The second section

This runs between Monash Unviersity and Clayton Railway Station and includes:

  • New traffic lights on Dandenong Road (near Cobain Street) and Carinish Road (near Kanooka Grove)
  • An upgrade to existing traffic lights at the Monash University and Wellington Road bus interchange
  • On-road bicycle facilities on Cobain Street; Dandenong Road (service road); Lantana Street, and Kanooka Grove
  • A 3km wide shared path will be installed on the east side of Browns Road near the Dandenong Road crossing. To help cyclists and pedestrians cross Browns Road from Dandenong Road, two flat-top road humps will be intalled to slow traffic
  • A 1.5m wide bike lane will be installed along the north side of the Dandenong Road service road for cyclists to travel east from Browns Road to the new pedestrian signals across Dandenong Road.

Road safety improvements such as infrastructure play a vital role in decreasing the risk of a crash and reduces road trauma. This is particularly important for vulnerable road users such as pedestrians, cyclists, children and the elderly.

Construction on these improvements will begin in late 2018.


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