Scammell Reserve Pavilion (Oakleigh South) Upgrades Media Response

Questions and Responses

Paul Klisaris mentioned something about the unveiling of a new pavilion at Scammell Reserve at the start of the meeting - could I please get some information about that...?  

The new Scammell Reserve Pavilion is an example of modern infrastructure that is set up to support and encourage more female participation. Already there are two women’s cricket teams, three junior girls’ football teams and one senior women’s football team whose home ground is at Scammell Reserve and we look forward to more female teams using and enjoying the facilities.

We are so pleased to provide these enhanced, top class facilities including 4 female friendly changing rooms, a new canteen area and a multipurpose room that can accommodate the needs of our tenant clubs.


The new pavilion was funded with $2.4million from Council and $500,000 through Sport and Recreation Victoria’s Community Support Fund.

Tenant sporting clubs: Oakleigh Amateur Football Club, Oakleigh Dragons Junior Football Club, Emmanuel South Oakleigh Cricket Club, Oakleigh Cricket Club.

Provided to: Monash Leader 

Date: 7 August 2018 

Quoting: Mayor Paul Klisaris