State reaps 97M from sale of Monash schools

 09 July 2014

Monash Council has urged the State Government to spend the reported $97 million it has realised from the sale of five former Monash school sites on desperately needed local projects.

Five of the nine former school sites recently sold by the State Government are in Monash. The former Clayton West Primary School is the latest site to be sold to a developer for $14 million. The other sites are the former Brandon Park Secondary College ($47.5M), the former Clayton Primary School ($11.1M), the former Oakleigh South Primary School ($13.5M) and the former Monash Special Development School ($11.2M).

Monash Mayor Geoff Lake said the sale of these five sites had substantially reduced public open space in Monash and it was only fair that the State put this money back into the Monash community. "With five of the nine school sites forming part of the State Government's recent mass-public land sell-off being in Monash, our community has shouldered a vastly disproportionate burden compared with the rest of the state," Cr Lake said.

"We believe it's only fair that the State Government puts the sale proceeds back into the Monash community to improve our local infrastructure. For decades, these sites have been used as public open space and soon this will be a distant memory. We don't think the Government should be using its windfall from public land sales in Monash to fund projects in other parts of Victoria."

Vital local projects which the State Government could consider funding include:

  • The Huntingdale Railway Station interchange;
  • The Oakleigh district Western Gateway project connecting Oakleigh Station to the Oakleigh Activity Centre via upgraded pedestrian routes;
  • Sealing the large dirt car park off the North Road service lane in Huntingdale and marking parking bays in this area;
  • Prioritising the removal of the Clayton Road and Centre Road railway grade separations;
  • Removal of the Poath Road level crossing;
  • Construction of the shared bicycle/pedestrian path along Blackburn Road from Wellington Road to Normanby Road alongside Monash University; and
  • New sports pavilions at Scammell Reserve and Warrawee Park.

"Monash is a major business and employment hub - second only to the CBD for job opportunities, but we have to battle to get the infrastructure we need to support our economically-thriving community," said Cr Lake.

"It's time for the State Government to put something back into the Monash community which it has just ripped $97 million and dozens of hectares of public open space from."

For further comment, please contact Geoff Lake on 0411 645 281 or Jo Robertson on 0418 391 979.

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