Tree Works on Main Roads

 09 July 2018

Street trees

Council has undertaken an inspection of trees on main roads in Monash as part of its annual tree inspection.

This inspection, by a qualified arborist, has required that some trees need to be removed to ensure public safety and/or clearance from overhead power lines or because the tree is dead, dying (with a life expectancy of less than two years, for example, diseased) or is dangerous (causing risk to community or assets which cannot be reasonably managed).

Some of the trees identified have been pruned in the past, but would not tolerate further pruning.

Monash’s green character is valued by residents and Council, and trees are only removed after a thorough assessment and only if it meets the criteria listed above. Our focus is on preserving trees that are healthy and creating additional planting in local parks and reserves to boost greenery in the city.

We will be replacing the tree with a carefully selected tree species that is both suitable for an arterial road and fits in with the character of the existing trees along the road. There are a few locations where replacing a tree is not practical (e.g it’s too close to a crossover or would impede the view for a motorist).

Replanting will be during the 2019 Planting Program, from June until September.

Some power shutdowns will be required as the removal works take place during August. Traffic management will be in place during the works. Residents who are directly affected will be contacted by our Arboriculture Team and the local energy distribution company who will facilitate the shutdown prior to the works.

More information

Find out more about street trees in Monash here: Street Trees or phone 9518 3777.



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