Update on Talbot Quarry site

 02 October 2018

Talbot Quarry

The independent planning panel released its report on Amendment C129  to the Monash Planning Scheme in regards to the former Talbot Quarry Site in September 2018.

The Talbot Quarry site at 1221-1249 Centre Road, Oakleigh South is a complex site owing to its history as a former sand quarry and land fill.

The owner Sterling Global sought to rezone the land to allow a range of uses including the possibility for residential if the environmental conditions were considered suitable. 

Council as the Planning Authority saw merit in progressing the Amendment to an independent Panel as this was considered an appropriate way to test not only the rezoning of the site but the staged process that has been proposed by the applicant.   This process provided a way of assisting Council in determining whether or not the land was suitable for redevelopment and whether or not the staged approach was appropriate. 

The Panel found that there was not yet enough information prepared and presented by the owner to allow them to determine that the land could be remediated to the point where it could be rezoned.

The Panel felt that the site was too complex to be rezoned in the staged process that was proposed, and that the land should be fully and comprehensively audited prior to consideration of a rezoning. 

At its  Council meeting on 25 September, 2018, Council followed the advice of the panel and determined to abandon the amendment (part 1 of the panel recommendation) and extend the Environmental Audit Overlay over all of the land (part 2 of the panel recommendation).

You can read the Council report from this meeting and the decision of Council here

It is now up to the land owner Sterling Global to decide what they want to do. The community will be consulted on any future plans proposed for the site.

Council will continue to monitor the site for compliance with the existing planning permits on the site.

In accordance with the Council resolution, Officers are arranging for a meeting with the community representatives to discuss the panel report and any questions that may arise.


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