Update regarding rate notice payments

 12 February 2021


If you planned to pay your rates in person at our offices on Monday, 15 February, this will not be possible as the five day lockdown from 13 – 17 February means our offices will not be open during this period.   

You will not be penalised if you were intending to pay in-person and cannot do say because of Stage 4 COVID restrictions. We understand why your payment may be a few days late.

When the offices are re-opened you can pay in-person or please take advantage of the options to pay your rates online 

In March 2020, Council resolved to assist those facing hardship and difficulty in paying rates due to COVID-19 by providing a rate payment deferral program and no penalty interest for rates.

So please don’t worry if you can’t pay on Monday, give us a call and talk to our team and we will work it out together. Call us on 9518 3555.


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