Use of Gardiners Reserve

 07 March 2019


There has been some discussion regarding the use of Gardiners Reserve.

Council is working with the tenant clubs to balance their needs with the needs of residents living around the ground.

These temporary restrictions have been placed on the use of the reserve because some users haven’t been booking the facility with Council, been subletting of the ground, the pitches have been overused during the off season and the ground needs a rest.

We are currently working with both tenant clubs of Gardiners Reserve with a view to developing a revised schedule that strikes a balance between clubs, community and residential amenity. 

The current allocation is temporary and expires at the end of March. We are trying to strike a balance between all users and the community. We anticipate both clubs will receive a greater allocation if they can work together with Council and each other.

From January to March the tenant clubs can access the pitches at the following times:

Pitch 1 - training 3 nights per week (to conclude by 8.30pm), 6 practice matches and all scheduled National Premier League (NPL) matches

Pitch 2 –  training 2 nights per week (to conclude by 8.30pm), 4 practice matches and the Mount Waverley Mini-Roos program on Saturday mornings

Pitch 3 is closed from January to March  and will be ready to be used for the 2019 season from April.

Please see Council's response to Monash Leader's media enquiry here: Media Response Gardiners Reserve (Burwood)

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