Parking Overstay Detection Systems (PODS)

parking overstay detection system

Parking Overstay Detection Systems (PODS) have been rolled out in Monash.

The system became operational in September 2015 in Glen Waverley, Mount Waverley and Clayton. 

In Oakleigh, the system began operating on October 5

Signs have been erected to remind motorists of the changes to the system.

PODS are inserted under the ground and transmit data to devices operated by parking inspectors, indicating when vehicles have been parked in an area for longer than signed.

It is important that car parks in busy shopping centres and near strip shops and businesses are vacated regularly to give everyone a chance of getting a car park and to ensure a steady stream of customers for local businesses.

Please see a list of streets below where the PODS will be installed:

  • Kingsway, Glen Waverley (150 bays)
  • Railway Parade North, Glen Waverley (47 bays)
  • Glendale Street East car park, Glen Waverley (98 bays)
  • Euneva Avenue West, Glen Waverley (134 bays)
  • Coleman Parade, Glen Waverley (25 bays)
  • Glen Waverley Central Parking Area (249)
  • O'Sullivan Road Glen Waverley (5 bays)
  • Civic Centre car park, Glen Waverley (39 bays)
  • Fregon Road Hall car park, Clayton (17 bays)
  • Dunstan Street, Clayton (8 bays)
  • Haughton Road car park, Clayton (42 bays)
  • Chester Street, Oakleigh (71 bays)
  • Drummond Street, Oakleigh (93 bays)
  • Palmerston Grove West car park, Oakleigh (31 bays)
  • Atkinson Street car park, Oakleigh (98 bays)
  • Portman Street, Oakleigh (58 bays)
  • Chester Street car park, Oakleigh (77 bays)
  • Chester Street West Car Park, Oakleigh (22 bays)
  • Chester Street South Car Park, Oakleigh (53 bays)
  • Atherton Road, Oakleigh (59 bays)
  • Station Street, Oakleigh (26 bays)
  • Alexander Street car park, Mount Waverley (94 bays)

Please see maps below where PODS will be installed:

Alexander Street Oakleigh (pdf, 259KB)

Civic Centre car park Glen Waverley (pdf, 253KB)

Dunstan Street and Haughton Road Clayton (pdf, 268KB)

Fregon Road car park (pdf, 226KB)

Glen Waverley Activity Centre (pdf, 395KB)

Oakleigh Activity Centre (pdf, 562KB)

Council currently has three DASH camera vehicles operating in Monash and plans to introduce more to its fleet.

The DASH camera vehicles have a camera mounted inside the vehicle which parking inspectors activate to take photos of vehicles parked illegally.

Council will be using the DASH camera vehicles predominantly around schools to ensure motorists are obeying parking signs and not putting vulnerable children at risk as they enter and leave school.

The DASH cameras will also target drivers parking in No Stopping zones or too close to intersections as these drivers create dangerous situations for other drivers by obstructing their line of sight.

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Last updated: 10 April 2017