Annual rate notices are sent to ratepayers in July/August each year.

In 2017, rates were increased by 2% on average in accordance with the State Government’s Rate Cap for 2017/2018.

Monash has still been able to maintain the lowest average rates of all 79 Victorian councils. We work hard to keep our costs down so that our ratepayers pay less.

Viewing your rate notice online: It is not possible at this time to view your rate notice online. People who paid by direct debit were previously able to view their rate notices online via this website, but this service is no longer available. If you'd like to receive your rate notice online, you can do this by contacting your bank and asking to do this via Bpay View. To ask for a copy of your rate notice from Council, please call 9518 3555 (during working hours).

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Last updated: 07 March 2018