Objecting to a valuation

From the 1 July 2018, the State Government’s Valuer General Victoria (VGV) will be responsible for setting the values used by Council for rating purposes. Revaluations were previously performed by Council every two years, however, from the 1 July 2018 revaluations will be performed annually by the Valuer General Victoria. 

If you disagree with the assessment of your property's value, you may lodge a written objection with Council. Council will then refer your objection to the Valuer General. The Valuer General’s representative will then handle the matter directly with you.

All objections must be lodged within two months of you receiving your rates notice.

Property valuations are based on the sale prices and rental returns of similar properties. To successfully argue that a valuation is too high, you will need to demonstrate by sales and rents of comparable properties, that the valuation should be lower.

Prior to submitting an objection, we encourage you to contact us first to discuss your views and concerns. Please call 9518 3555.

How do I object?

Objections must be lodged using the prescribed objection form:

Objection form - Residential Valuations (pdf, 44KB)

Objection form - Commercial/Industrial Valuations (pdf, 48KB)

Please return completed objection forms to pravscr@monash.vic.gov.au

To have an objection form mailed to you, please call 9518 3555.

If you are objecting to a valuation you must provide details as to the valuation on which the objection is made and state the grounds on which the objection is based and provide as much supporting evidence as possible with your objection.

Do I still need to pay my rates by the due date?

Yes. Even if you object to a valuation, you must still pay rates by the due date. Failure to pay rates by the required date could result in interest being added and recovery action being taken where appropriate.

What happens after I lodge an objection?

Council will send you an acknowledgement of receipt of your objection. A Valuer from the Valuer Generals Office will then contact you to discuss your concerns and organise a time to inspect your property. The Valuer will look at factors including sales of surrounding properties, property data and property condition. The Valuer will then review the revaluation and it may be altered up or down or be left at the original valuation.

You will be advised of the outcome in writing within two months of Council receiving the objection. Council will advise you in writing of any adjustment. A copy of the adjustment must then be provided to the Valuer-General who will either confirm or disallow the recommended adjustment. The Valuer-General has two months to advise all parties of the decision.

What if I am still unhappy with the valuation?

A ratepayer who is not satisfied with the decision of the Valuer or the Valuer-General may apply to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) for review of the result.

Both the Valuer General and the ratepayer present their case. The tribunal will make a final decision based on the evidence presented.

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Last updated: 17 July 2019