Non-UMW - Hoarding Permit - Application (pdf, 855KB)

If you are going to ‘occupy’ any part of any kind of roadway, laneway, footpath, nature-strip, car-park or reserve, on a long-term basis, this is referred to as ‘hoarding’. ‘Hoarding’ can include:

  • Road closure
  • Long term occupation of the footpath
  • Long term occupation of the nature strip
  • Placement of any other structures (if permitted)

Just as with a short–term ‘occupation’ permit, to get your hoarding permit, in addition to the completed application form you will need:

  • A copy of the Works Manager's Public Liability Insurance Certificate of Currency
  • A Traffic Management Plan incorporating a description of protective precautions for both pedestrians and motor vehicle
  • A security deposit; which is generally required when there is potential damage to public assets such as pavement and street lamps.
  • The fee which is based on the location, nature and length of occupation, and will be determined during the processing of the application. Refer to Engineering Permit Fees (pdf, 546KB) for the typical fee and security deposit. 

Council may conduct a ‘pre-inspection’ to determine permit fees and the security deposit. As with a short-term occupation permit, you are responsible for any damage done during your occupation, and the costs of any necessary repairs will come out of your own pocket, firstly through your security deposit.

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Last updated: 02 August 2020