Occupy Roadway (Skip Bins)

One of the most common scenarios in which you might need an Occupy Part of Roadway permit, is if you need a skip bin.

Skip bin permits are unusual because the company you hire the bin from must obtain them on your behalf.

A ‘skip bin’ requiring a permit is a bulk rubbish container:

  • At least 1 cubic metre in size (>1m3)
  • Placed on the nature strip or road surface.

Please note that Council rarely approves placing skip bins on the footpath.

You won’t actually be required to complete the application for a Skip Bin Permit. The question you need to ask is whether the skip bin is larger than 20 cubic metres (>20m3).

If the skip bin is up to 20 cubic meters in total size (<20m3), the bin hire company can obtain a specific Skip Bin Permit from Council.

However, if the skip bin is larger than 20 cubic metres (>20m3), the bin hire company will need to go through the full process to get an Occupy Roadway permit.

The duration of the permit that the bin hire company is able to obtain on your behalf is dependent on locality. If you live on a main road, for example, you may receive a shorter permit than a smaller residential street.  Please see the following document for Codes of Practice relevant to skip bins, provided by VicRoads: VicRoads Codes of Practice: Placement of Waste Bins on Roadside (pdf, 185KB)

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Last updated: 11 October 2016