Road Opening

Road opening is literally making an opening in the road, such as to access drains, pipes and electricity.

You will need a road opening permit if you need to carry out works in the road, including working on or connecting new services such as water, underground power supply or stormwater. You will also need a road opening permit to access any Council managed land.

If the road you need to access is a State Road, then you need to apply to VicRoads through the following website: VicRoads - Working within the road reserve.

Factsheets and application forms


Factsheet: Consent to work on the road (pdf, 76KB)

Guide: Working in the Road Reserve (pdf, 682KB)

Application & Companion Guide: Working in the Road Reserve (pdf, 701KB)


When these works are undertaken by a contractor on behalf of the owner, the following application should be used:

Non-Utility Minor Works - Works within Road Reserve Permit - Application (pdf, 165KB)

‘Minor Works’ are typically considered to be jobs such as service connections to properties.

However if the works are:

  1. Undertaken by a Utility Authority or their Agent, or
  2. For works other than minor works the following application should be used:

Utility Works - Works within Road Reserves Permit - Application (pdf, 961KB)

If the works are for stormwater connections in the road reserve, Council reserve or an easement, a Stormwater Connection Permit is required.


In addition to the completed application form, these permits generally require not only;

  1. A permit fee plus refundable security deposit - refer to Engineering Permit Fees (pdf, 188KB)
  2. A copy of the Works Manager's WorkCover Insurance, (Certificate of Currency), and
  3. A Traffic Management Plan incorporating a description of protective precautions for both pedestrians and motor vehicles, and
  4. Possibly a security deposit, and
  5. A highly specified restoration of the area to its original condition, once the job is finished. You can request that Council complete the required restoration, but the costs will be deducted from your security deposit. In some areas, such as roads, Council completing the final restoration work is mandatory. Council will provide a quote for the restoration costs but you will have to request that the quote be composed for you.

Permit requirements

You’ll need a Road Opening Permit for any works that require making an opening in the nature strip, footpath or roadway.

Nature Strips

If you have to dig up your nature-strip, and the plants don’t survive, you’ll still need to restore the soil level and re-plant with grass seeds.

If you want to plant more than grass seeds, Council has some nature strip guidelines, and a permit you will need to apply for. Please see the following page for more information: Nature Strips.


When you dig up the footpath, you’ll have to remove the concrete slabs in full bays, before replacing them to Council standards.

You have a choice of repairing the footpath yourself or asking Council to do it for you. If you want Council to carry out this reinstatement of the footpath then:

  • Notify Council to complete the final reinstatement of the concrete footpath
  • Fill in the hole with cold-mix asphalt to level with the rest of the footpath, (if there is not any surrounding footpath left, try to bring it back up to the level it was prior to any building works).


Before any building work can begin on a roadway, please ensure that:

  1. A prior on-site inspection must have been made to determine the extent of works, reinstatement arrangements and traffic management, and
  2. Written approval must be obtained before any works that will require the opening of any road pavement, and
  3. After the completion of the project, you will need to notify Council, as-soon-as-possible to arrange the final reinstatement of the road.
  4. Safely remove all extracted materials such as concrete, soil and rubble. The Monash Waste Transfer and Recycling Facility, can recycle most building materials including concrete, soil and rubble but not wood.
  5. Fill in the road opening or hole to road level with crushed rock and a covering of cold mix bitumen.

If there is any damage to the area, you can choose whether to restore it yourself or allow Council to complete the repairs. As with other Council repairs and restorations, the costs will be taken from your security deposit.

Service supply

A road opening permit is required for a service supply connection - either in the road reserve or Council reserve.

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Last updated: 30 August 2020