The Australian Building Codes Board defines buildings and structures by class, in a range from 1-10.  Most single-dwelling residences are Class 1 buildings, and Class 10 buildings are non-habitable free-standing structures such as a shed, carport or garage.

The demolition of any building in Monash Council that does not fall into Class 10 requires a building permit.  Please see the section on Class 10 structure demolition for details on the demolition of sheds, garages or similar constructions.

Apply for the proposed demolition approval (S29A)

Please note that the application will incur a fee of $85.15.


Please ensure you attach a copy of the demolition plan to this application.

Apply online

If you require a paper based PDF form, please contact Council on 9518 3555.

In person

Visit Council's Customer Service Centre. Please bring a copy of the demolition plan.

Precautions before and during demolition/removal

Please read:  BLD0497 Demolition and Removal - Precautions (pdf, 18KB)

Heritage Overlay

If the building you are planning on demolishing is under or connected with a building under the Heritage Overlay, you will need a planning permit, and you may still need a building permit as well.

Please be aware that you might not be able to demolish a building under the Heritage Overlay at all, and you will face stiff penalties if you try without permission.  See our section on Heritage Overlay for more information about Monash heritage overlay.

Class 10 Structures

Demolishing a freestanding Class 10 building, such as a shed, carport or garage does not require a building permit, unless:

  • The demolition project will “adversely affect the safety of the public or occupiers of the building” under the Victorian Building Association guidelines.  You will always need a building permit when your project may endanger the public.  Please see the VBA website for details.
  • If the structure to be demolished is more than 40m2 in floor area, you will need a permit to demolish
  • The building is constructed of masonry.  Masonry can be dangerous to demolish for you and your neighbours. You will need a building permit and a certified professional to take a masonry building down.

If your structure meets any of these criteria, a building permit is required before demolition can occur.

Safely carried out demolition of a freestanding Class 10 building that is neither larger than 40m2 nor constructed of masonry is exempt from the need for a building permit.  As always, please contact Council if you still have questions or concerns on 9518 3555.

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Last updated: 08 April 2021