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Shared Accommodation

Change of Use: Class 1a Building to Class 1b

Buildings and residences are given classes due to their use.  In order for a building owner to change a single-family residence (Class 1a), to a share house (Class 1b) where four or more unrelated people may be residing, the involvement of council is required.

Guidelines for the alteration of building as well as health and safety requirements have been provided below.

BLD0390 - Requirements for Shared Accommodation (pdf, 849KB)

Contact Customer Service on 9518 3555 for further information.


Asbestos is a silicate mineral made up of tiny fibres.  When it is disturbed, it produces a dust that contains asbestos fibres.  Fibres breathed into the lungs can cause a range of health problems including asbestosis, lung cancer and mesothelioma. 

For those wanting to know about removal, health effects and other associated questions in relation to asbestos then read the page on Asbestos Information.

Any additional information can be found with the following organisations:

  • asbestos.vic.gov.au - this website is a collaborative project involving EPA Victoria (Environment Protection Authority),the Victorian Department of Health, and WorkSafe Victoria.
  • Health Department for information about removal/disposal - 9518 3540
  • Licensed Disposal Sites - EPA, phone - 9695 2722
  • Licensed Removalists - Work Safe Victoria, phone - 1800 136 089
  • Identification - NATA, phone - 9274 8200
  • Asbestos around the home - DHS, phone - 1300 650 172

Building Dispensations

For varying setbacks from the front boundary or other variations to the regulations, a formal application is required by Council.

Upon assessing your requirements, the following form should be completed and submitted to Council:

BLD0310 - Report and Consent Application Form

Further information can be obtained by contacting Victorian Building Authority

Building over Easement Consent

Application and approval is required from the Engineering Department prior to the issue of a Building Permit when an easement is concerned.

Where an easement is needed by Council to protect existing drains, future drains or stormwater flow paths and the structure is to be permanent, (i.e. not easily and quickly removable by two people), a major easement application will be required. Examples of structures requiring a major application would be: garages, carports, pools, retaining walls, tennis courts, car parking areas, water tanks and large sheds (greater than 6 square metres in area).

To make a major application the following must be submitted to the Engineering Department: three copies of the plans, the relevant application form and the application fee. This agreement will ultimately be registered onto the Property Title and applies to successive owners.

Easements that do not contain drains and will not be needed for future drainage or stormwater flow paths require a minor easement application. To make a minor application the following must be submitted to the Engineering Department: two copies of the plans, the relevant application forms, a copy of the Property Title, a copy of the approval of any other relevant authority and the application fee.

For further information regarding the type of easement application that applies to your proposal can be obtained along with an application form from the Engineering Department.

Energy Rating

Six Star Energy Rating

For Information on new regulations on making your building sustainable and also for a list of registered assessors:

Essential Safety Measures

The building/land owner is responsible for ensuring that the essential safety measures are maintained in a state to fulfill their purpose.  An annual report of the essential safety measures must be maintained and made available for inspection by the Municipal Building Surveyor or the Chief Officer, within 24 hours of a request. The building occupant must ensure that all required exits and paths of travel to an exit or road are maintained in an efficient and readily accessible condition and clear of obstruction.

Further information may be obtained from Practice Note PN 23: Victorian Building Authority

House Plans and/or Copies of Certificates

In order to obtain plans of your house, factory and/or office, or for copies of Occupancy Permit/Certificate of Final Inspection, please complete and submit the following application:

BLD0346 - Request for Copy of Building Documents (docx, 585KB)

Siting of Prescribed Temporary Structures

For guidelines on siting, please read the attached document:

BLD0269 - Temporary Structure Guidelines (pdf, 291KB)

Upon assessing your requirements, you can complete and submit the following application:

BLD0268 - Temporary Structure Application (pdf, 269KB)

Smoke Alarms

For guidelines and examples on placement of smoke alarms around your home please see the following document:

BLD0434 - Guidelines and Information for Smoke Alarms (pdf, 473KB)

However for more comprehensive information visit the Victorian Building Authority website.


Council has designated the whole municipality as an area in which buildings are likely to be subject to infestation by termites in accordance with Regulation 803(1) of the Building Regulations.

When a building (other than a detached Class 10 such as a garage, carport or shed) is constructed in a designated termite area the building must be protected against termite infestation unless the primary building elements are constructed of termite resistant materials.

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Last updated: 27 May 2021