Retaining Walls

If a wall is part of the structure supporting the building, then it is considered a retaining wall. Removing or altering a retaining or supporting wall is considered to be a structural alteration.  You will always need a building permit for any structural alterations to a building.

Your ‘property information’ is generally referred to in connection with mortgages, zones, overlays and easements affecting your property.  In turn this may affect your building plans, please check the following page for details on how to view this information:  Property Information.

You may also need a soil report to successfully apply for your building permit. Please contact Monash Building Services on 9518 3555, for more information.

Planning permits for retaining wall renovations are not essential, unless:

  • The renovation is for a commercial project, like fitting out a commercial kitchen, or rooms for student accommodation
  • Your property is on a block of land less than 500m2 in size
  • Your property is under a Heritage overlay

If you have encountered suspected asbestos as a part of your renovation, please see the following section before work continues:  Encountering Asbestos.

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Last updated: 26 March 2015