When renovating, repairing or replacing your roof there are several issues to be taken into consideration.

Your ‘property information’ is generally referred to in connection with mortgages, zones, overlays and easements affecting your property.  In turn this may affect your building plans, please check the following page for details on how to view this information:  Property Information.

A plumbing Certificate of Compliance is required from the roofer for plumbing repairs valued at $750 or more.

Plumbing repairs include repair-work affecting roof flashing, and;

  • Any part of a roof drainage system, involved in the collection or disposal of stormwater
  • Any roof covering, with the exception of:
    • Non-metallic tiles
    • Slate
    • Flat membrane sheeting

The following is a brief guide to whether these issues may apply to your roof. To find out more about each identified issue check out the associated topics.

Was the roof or building built before 1990?

Asbestos. Prior to 1990, asbestos was still a commonly used material in roofs, especially in eaves.

Up until the mid 1980s asbestos was almost always used in Australian construction, so if your building was built before 1985, it is highly likely that you have asbestos.

If you have encountered suspected asbestos as a part of your renovation, please see the following section before work continues:  Encountering Asbestos.

For additional reading on the subject of asbestos, please see:

General Repairs

The Building Act and Regulations do not require permits and permissions from you for repairs.  However, a repair must be ‘like for like’ in terms of finish and materials.

For example if you had a tiled roof, you are still ‘repairing’ the roof if you use tiles, even if they are a different colour, make or size. But; if you installed ‘Colorbond’ instead it wouldn’t be ‘like-for-like’ and you must have a building permit.

You will require a Plumbing Certificate of Compliance, please see for details.

Block of Land is less than 500m2

Where the land block is less than 500m2, you’ll need a planning permit for everything other than repairs.

Under the Heritage Overlay

You will need a planning permit to do work on structures under the Heritage Overlay.  Please see the following page for details:  Planning Permits.

Fortunately, in most cases, you can apply through the VicSmart system. This recent government innovation means that your planning permit application must be processed within 10 days, and doesn’t have to go through the whole appeals, objections and hearings procedure of a normal planning permit.

Note that if your building is a contributory heritage building, you will have to go through the ordinary planning application procedure. Expect this to take up to a month.

However, the one exception to the permit requirements is repairs. There is no need to ask for permission to maintain and a repair a Heritage building.

Just remember that Heritage ‘repairs’ are further limited and defined, so you’ll still always need a planning permit for:

  • Demolitions or removals
  • Using different materials.
  • Creating even a slightly different appearance

'Like-for-Like' Material Replacement

‘Like-for-like’ material replacements fall under the exemption for repairs, so you will not need a building permit.

You will require a Plumbing Certificate of Compliance, please see for details.

Replacing Corrugated Iron Roofing

If you are replacing corrugated iron roofing with“Colorbond or other pre-finished sheeting”, this is considered a ‘like-for-like’ equivalent and is specifically excluded from requiring a building permit.

However, replacing corrugated iron with concrete or terracotta roofing tiles, is not considered ‘like-for-like’. You’ll have to get a building permit to change the roofing material.

You will require a Plumbing Certificate of Compliance, please see for details.

Other Building Works

Generally, if it isn’t a ‘repair’; work affecting your roof will require a building permit.  Please see the following section for details:  Building Permits.

You will also require a Plumbing Certificate of Compliance, please see for details.

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Last updated: 10 October 2016