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Pools and spas constructed on or after 1 November 2020

Your first Certificate of Barrier Compliance will be due within 30 days of the certificate of final inspection or occupancy permit. This certificate must accompany your application for registration.


Building permits for swimming pools and spas fit mainly into two groups - permits for installing a pool and permits for installing a pool safety barrier. 

You will always need a permit for a pool deep enough to drown a small child.  It only takes a depth of 30cm of water and a few unguarded seconds for a child to lose their life. 

Generally, a planning permit is not required in addition to your building permit for the installation of a pool. If your property is on a block of land less than 500m2 in size, or subject to an Overlay, such as the Land Subject in Inundation Overlay or Heritage Overlay, a planning permit may be required.

The installation of a permanent swimming pool or spa requires a building permit, regardless of whether it is located inside or outside your residence. Indoor spas are not subject to the full safety regulations relating to swimming pools.

All outside swimming pools and spas greater than 30cm in depth require the necessary pool safety barrier requirements. While you do not need a building permit to set up a temporary relocatable pool, like a wading pool, if your pool is greater than 30cm in depth be prepared to put up safety barriers. A building permit is required to construct these pool safety barriers.

If your temporary wading pool is less than 30cm in depth, you do not need a building permit. But when small children are playing around water, even if it is very shallow, always play it safe. Make sure children are supervised at all times.

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Victorian Building Authority Swimming Pool and Spa changes

Please call Council on 9518 3555 or email mail@monash.vic.gov.au if you have any questions regarding pool and spa safety requirements.

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Last updated: 25 May 2021