Apply for a Planning Permit

You can apply online for most planning applications and a permit may be required if you will:

  • Use the premises for a different purpose to how it is currently used
  • Develop or undertake external buildings and works or internal works to a building/site with special planning controls (for example, heritage)
  • Display external signage, for example: business identification sign(s) or illuminated sign(s)
  • Change access from a main road, including modified/new crossovers or a more intensified use/access to the land
  • Change the areas in your business that alcohol can be served or increasing operating hours
  • Reduce the number of car parking or bicycle facilities available on your land

Please note, if your project is related to a business, Council offers a streamlined online business application and specialist customer service. Read more: Business applications 

How do I submit a planning application?

It is recommended you make sure all the relevant documentation is prepared prior to lodging an application. Please refer to the development guidelines and the application for a planning permit checklist (pdf, 574KB) to confirm the requirements.

Please note some of the specific requirements:

  • Full, current copy of title information for the land, including title diagrams and copies of any restrictions (e.g. covenants or section 173 agreements). This can be obtained from
  • Copy of the document specifying the details of the encumbrance, if the land is affected by an encumbrance such as a restrictive covenant (if identified on the certificate of title).
  • Plan of the existing conditions.
  • Plans showing the layout and details of the proposal.
  • Any information required by the planning scheme, Council’s guidelines, requested by Council or outlined in a Council planning permit checklist
  • If required, a description of the likely effect of the proposal (for example: traffic, noise, waste, environmental impacts).

Apply online

If you are ready to lodge, please make sure that you have all required documentation.

Advertising signage only.

Advertising Sign Application

For ‘use only’ applications, such as a new use or a change of use of the property, a request to waive/reduce car parking requirements, requests for a liquor licence.

Change of Use Application

All unit development in residential zones. This includes the development of any dwelling on a site where a dwelling already exists.

Multiple Dwelling Application

All developments with a residential and commercial component.

Multiple Dwelling and Use Application

Includes, but is not limited to: construction of or extension to one dwelling on a lot with an area less than 500m2, alteration to one dwelling in an Overlay (for example: Heritage Overlay, Significant Landscape Overlay or Special Building Overlay).

Residential Development (One Dwelling) Application

Any other application type, including but not limited to: industrial and/or business zone related applications

Other/General Type of Application

VicSmart Applications

VicSmart is a fast-track process for straightforward planning applications. These applications are generally decided within 10 business days from when all information is received. Not all application types will be eligible for the VicSmart process.

Read more and apply: VicSmart Planning Applications

Application amendments

At this time, you are not able to apply online for a s57A (application to amend a current application) or s72 (application to amend a planning permit) request. These can be lodged by emailing them to

We are continuing to work on expanding applications that can be received online and plan to make these available soon.

Development guidelines

Application fees

All planning applications have an associated fee. These are set by the State Government and must be paid before an application can be considered. Please ensure you check your application fees and pay the right amount, otherwise Council may be not be able to process your application. 

Your application will be taken to have been received on the date the correct application fee is received. If additional fees are required, Council will issue an invoice for the outstanding amount.

When may additional fees be required?

If your application involves a number of permit elements, a combined application fee is likely to apply. The valid application fee is the sum of the highest of the fees which would have applied, if separate applications were made and 50% of each of the other subsequent application fees.

If you require further clarification, please contact Statutory Planning on 9518 3555.

Fees schedule (pdf, 305KB)

If you would like to know more about how your information is used, please read our Privacy Policy.


Do I need a Planning Permit?

The following is a guide for how to apply for a planning permit, following the residential development guidelines for the City of Monash.

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Last updated: 12 November 2021