Vegetation Protection Overlay

Tree removal or tree works within the Vegetation Protection Overlay (VPO)

A planning permit is required to remove or destroy any vegetation that:

  • Has a trunk circumference greater than 500mm (160mm diameter) at 1200mm above ground level, and
  • Is higher than 10 metres

It is the responsibility of the land owner to ensure that either a Planning Permit is applied for, or that the exemptions from the requirement to obtain a Planning Permit are satisfied.

For a visual representation of the Vegetation Protection Overlay (VPO) in this region, please see the City of Monash Interactive Maps.

For vegetation assessment advice and a map of the VPO, please see:

Vegetation Protection Overlay - Assessment Advice (pdf, 280KB)

Vegetation Protection Overlay - Map (pdf, 447KB)

If you wish to have a tree removed within the VPO, or seek an exemption, please see the following forms:

Vegetation Protection Overlay - Tree Assessment Form (doc, 57KB)

Vegetation Protection Overlay - Tree Assessment Form (pdf, 100KB)

Amendment C115

In early 2013, Council sought community feedback on proposed changes to Monash's Vegetation Protection Overlay. The proposed changes were aimed at making it easier for landowners to remove significant trees. The changes were put forward as Amendment C115 to the Monash Planning Scheme.

For further details on the extent of the changes to the Vegetation Protection Overlay, please see:  Amendment C115.

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Last updated: 26 February 2019