Development at 149 Hansworth Street, Mulgrave

An 87A application to amend the Permit and Plans has been lodged with the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

More information: Have Your Say - 149 Hansworth Street, Mulgrave


A planning permit has been granted by the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) for two residential towers (9-10 storeys in height) and 30, 2-3 storey townhouses, at 149 Hansworth Street (Mulgrave).

Conditions required by VCAT include:

  • Provision of a public pedestrian link through the site from Hansworth Street east to Hansworth Street west. The pedestrian link is to have a minimum width of 6m, will be transferred to Council and include a pathway, landscaping and lighting constructed at the expense of the developer to the satisfaction of Council
  • Three-storey townhouses to be reduced in height to double-storey townhouses or provided with greater upper-level setbacks to reduce massing impact
  • Additional recession of the upper levels of the western apartment tower is required (upper levels further setback along the western interface)
  • Submission of a wind assessment, acoustic assessment, environmental audit, landscaping, drainage, public lighting, waste management and environmental sensitive design plan(s) to Council for consideration, approval and implantation

The original plans for this site proposed five residential towers (6-10 storeys in height) and 17 double-storey townhouses. 

Developer Pong Property Development Pty Ltd appealed to VCAT against Council's refusal to grant a planning permit at its August 2016 meeting. Council argued strongly against the proposal. 

Please view the full decision here: VCAT decision on 149 Hansworth Street, Mulgrave (doc, 196KB)

Enquiries: James Heitmann, Principal Planner, on 9518 3628. 


In August 2016, Council rejected the proposed development at 149 Hansworth Street. Council had sought community feedback on the proposal and received 79 objections and one petition with 35 signatories.

In its decision, Council determined the proposal was out of character with existing development in the surrounding area. 

The developer appealed to VCAT against the refusal and a VCAT hearing was scheduled to take place over three days, starting on 26 June 2017. The hearing was not completed during this time and VCAT scheduled a Day 4 hearing for August 2017 to continue to hear this case. 

Prior to the hearing, the developer submitted amended plans for VCAT to consider as part of its decision-making. 

In papers submitted to the Tribunal, the developer's representative said his client had engaged a new architect to adjust the design and address the legitimate concerns raised by the Council and the objectors. But the representative also said they would contest every ground on which Council refused the development.

Amended plans

The applicant lodged amended plans with VCAT which were considered as part of the decision-making.

The key changes in the amended plans were: 

  • Reduction in the proposed number of apartment towers, from 5 to 2
  • Overall height of the apartment towers up to 10 storeys
  • Increased the proposed number of townhouses to 30 (previously 17)
  • Townhouses up to 3 storeys in height (previously all 2 storeys)
  • Reduction in the total number of dwellings to 129 (previously 150)
  • Provision of 190 car spaces (1 car space per apartment, 2 car spaces per townhouses, 32 visitor car spaces)
  • Modification to the internal layout of the development
  • Modification to facade detailing, materials and finishes

TA01: Cover sheet (pdf, 3MB)

TA02-TA03: Existing Site Plans (pdf, 1MB)

TA04-TA11: Site Plans (pdf, 8MB)

TA12-TA14 - 1-200: Units (pdf, 3MB)

TA15-TA22 - 1-200: Tower (pdf, 4MB)

TA23-TA26 - 1-100: Units (pdf, 657KB)

TB01-TB03 - 1-200: Units - Elevations (pdf, 6MB)

TB04-TB05 - 1-200: Tower - Elevations (pdf, 1MB)

TB06-TB09 - 1-200: Sections (pdf, 5MB)

TC01: Easements (pdf, 343KB)

TC02: Landscape (pdf, 1MB)

TC03-TC04: Shadows (pdf, 3MB)

TC05: Materials (pdf, 4MB)

TC06: Views - Units (pdf, 749KB)

TC07: Views -Towers (pdf, 2MB)

Traffic and Parking Impact Report (pdf, 3MB)

Road Traffic Noise Assessment (pdf, 4MB)

Waste Management Plan (pdf, 752KB)

Development Summary (pdf, 194KB)

A hard copy of the amended plans is also available to view at the Monash Civic Centre during business hours.

About the original proposal

The applicant, Developer Pong Property Development Pty Ltd, had initially proposed:

  • Five residential towers, ranging from 6 to 10 storeys. These would include 99 two-bedroom apartments, 51 three-bedroom apartments and 239 car parking spaces within a basement car park
  • 17 double-storey townhouses adjacent to the western and southern boundary
  • Vehicle access via Hansworth Street east, adjacent to the adjoining aged care facility and Waverley Gardens Shopping Centre. No vehicle access to Hansworth Street west.

For more information, please see below the reports submitted by the developer:

Town Planning Report (pdf, 20MB)

Transfer of Land (pdf, 964KB)

Plans (part 1) (pdf, 11MB)

Plans (part 2) (pdf, 14MB)

Plans (part 3) (pdf, 6MB)

Landscape Plan (pdf, 13MB)

Assessment of Road Traffic Noise (pdf, 22MB)

Traffic and Parking Impact Assessment Report (pdf, 8MB)

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