VCAT Decisions

The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) is a State Government appointed panel of experts which independently reviews planning decisions made by Councils.

VCAT conducts public hearings and considers submissions made by all parties before making a decision.

In addition, from time to time, VCAT may make orders requiring documents to be placed on Council’s website, to be viewed by parties to the dispute. Here is a link to one such order: 384-390 Haughton Road, Clayton - 21 September 2018.

An appeal to VCAT is called an 'application for a review' and the party making the application is called the 'applicant for review'. The most common types of reviews lodged are by:

  • A person who has had a planning permit application refused. An application for review must be lodged within 60 days from when the 'Notice of Refusal to Grant a Permit' has been issued by Council.
  • A person who has had a permit approved, but disagrees with the conditions of the permit. An application for review of conditions must be lodged within 60 days from when the permit was granted by Council.
  • A person who has objected to a planning permit that has been approved. An application for review must be lodged within 21 days from when the 'Notice of Decision to Grant a Permit' was issued by Council.
  • A person who has lodged a planning permit application and is yet to get a decision from Council after 60 days (known as 'Failure to Determine').

Please find below links to recent VCAT decisions involving Monash Council. Please note: some of the links will take you to an external database maintained by the Australasian Legal Information Institute.

2018 decisions


3 & 5 Lilian Street, Clayton (doc, 82KB)

16 Reid Street, Oakleigh South (doc, 73KB)

55 Prince Charles Street, Clayton (docx, 35KB)

39 Packham Crescent, Glen Waverley (docx, 23KB)

39 Morton Street, Clayton (docx, 38KB)


2315-2319 Dandenong Road, Mulgrave (doc, 152KB)

38 Price Avenue, Mount Waverley (docx, 27KB)

77 Huxley Avenue, Mulgrave (docx, 40KB)

6 Beckett Street, Chadstone (doc, 100KB)

28 Raymond Street, Ashwood (docx, 23KB)

28 Falconer Street, Glen Waverley (doc, 126KB)

62 & 64 View Street, Clayton (docx, 48KB)

31 Colonel Street, Clayton (doc, 64KB)


 4 Catherine Avenue, Mount Waverley (docx, 38KB)

36-38 Ivanhoe Street, Glen Waverley (docx, 48KB)

16 Dover Street, Oakleigh East (pdf, 62KB)

179 Clayton Road, Oakleigh East (docx, 51KB)

45 Fulton Street, Clayton (doc, 87KB)


205 High Street Road, Ashwood (doc, 65KB)

52 Fulton Street, Clayton (doc, 69KB)

3 Grandview Avenue, Mulgrave (docx, 34KB)

298 High Street Road, Mount Waverley (doc, 111KB)


227-235 Springvale Road, Glen Waverley (doc, 135KB)

1413-1417 Centre Road, Clayton (doc, 923KB)

27 Grandview Road, Chadstone (doc, 73KB)

24 Fiander Avenue, Glen Waverley (docx, 35KB)

52 Ormond Road, Clayton (docx, 32KB)


5 Hansworth Street, Mulgrave (doc, 47KB)

855 Ferntree Gully Road, Wheelers Hill (doc, 54KB)

1 Stafford Street, Huntingdale (doc, 69KB)

16 Dover Street, Oakleigh East (doc, 56KB)

28 Amaroo Street, Chadstone (doc, 119KB)

697 High Street Road, Glen Waverley (doc, 80KB)

19-21 Oxford Street, Oakleigh (doc, 60KB)

1/24 Roberts Avenue, Mulgrave (doc, 47KB)

1 Grenfell Road, Mount Waverley (doc, 51KB)

92 Osborne Avenue, Mount Waverley (doc, 105KB)

80 Patrick Street, Oakleigh East (doc, 79KB)


10 Garnett Street, Huntingdale (doc, 58KB)

6 Zita Street, Mulgrave (doc, 86KB)

272 Gallaghers Road, Glen Waverley (doc, 124KB)

16 Beckett Street, Chadstone (docx, 35KB)

2017 decisions


47 Fulton Street, Clayton (doc, 54KB)

61 Clayton Road, Clayton (doc, 56KB)

1 Willow Avenue, Glen Waverley (doc, 77KB)

321 Huntingdale Road, Chadstone (doc, 86KB)

26 Grandview Road, Chadstone (doc, 94KB)

22 Mangana Drive, Mulgrave (docx, 38KB)

99-121 Carinish Road, Clayton (docx, 51KB)


21 Mount Pleasant Drive, Mount Waverley (doc, 86KB)

554-558 High Street Road, Mount Waverley (pdf, 743KB)

11 Carboni Court, Mulgrave (docx, 29KB)

1731 Dandenong Road, Oakleigh East (docx, 42KB)

6 Jubilee Street, Mount Waverley (doc, 84KB)

271 Police Road, Mulgrave (doc, 74KB)

12 Elysium Crescent, Oakleigh East (docx, 44KB)

137 Power Avenue, Chadstone (doc, 55KB)

4 Miller Crescent, Mount Waverley (docx, 44KB)

28 Leopold Street, Burwood (doc, 50KB)

149 Hansworth Street, Mulgrave (doc, 196KB)

170-174 Highbury Road, Mount Waverley (doc, 120KB)


75 Manton Road, Clayton (doc, 79KB)

2 Howard Court, Clayton (doc, 51KB)

51 Riley Street, Oakleigh South (doc, 69KB)

55 Stanley Avenue, Mount Waverley (docx, 29KB)

54 Rose Avenue, Glen Waverley (doc, 63KB)

2-4 Doynton Parade, Mount Waverley (docx, 42KB)

91 Stanley Avenue, Mount Waverley (doc, 53KB)

30 Monash Drive, Mulgrave (doc, 57KB)

2-4 Grange Street, Oakleigh South (doc, 107KB)

4 Yileen Court, Ashwood (doc, 136KB)

19 Dallas Avenue, Hughesdale (doc, 77KB)

1 Prospect Street, Mount Waverley (docx, 47KB)


10 Pippin Avenue, Glen Waverley (doc, 77KB)  

6 & 8 Prince Charles Street, Clayton (docx, 48KB)

20 Johnson Drive, Glen Waverley (docx, 26KB)

7 Cratloe Road, Mount Waverley (docx, 214KB)

1067 Centre Road, Oakleigh South (doc, 344KB)

942 Waverley Road, Wheelers Hill (doc, 78KB)

4 Diosma Drive, Glen Waverley (doc, 89KB)

35 Hinkler Road, Glen Waverley (doc, 55KB)

276-278 Highbury Road, Mount Waverley (docx, 46KB)

18 Townsend Street, Glen Waverley (doc, 47KB)

317 Gallaghers Road, Glen Waverley (doc, 88KB)


8 Rugby Road, Hughesdale (doc, 124KB)

315 Jells Road, Wheelers Hill (doc, 47KB)

1 Judith Court and 3 Judith Court, Mount Waverley (doc, 93KB)

18 Juniper Avenue, Glen Waverley (doc, 114KB)

9 Churcher Court, Mount Waverley (doc, 82KB)

58 Koonawarra Street, Clayton (doc, 51KB)

1/7 Murphy Street, Chadstone (doc, 82KB)

21 Chandler Grove, Burwood (doc, 279KB)

19 Morton Street, Clayton (doc, 58KB)

1 Mercer Street, Oakleigh East (doc, 114KB)

2 Mill Road, Oakleigh (docx, 44KB).

1701 Dandenong Road, Oakleigh East (doc, 88KB)

15-17 Marriott Parade, Glen Waverley (doc, 77KB)


2 Holskamp Street, Mount Waverley (doc, 73KB)

7 Hampton Court, Glen Waverley (doc, 119KB)

35-39 Regent Street, Mount Waverley (doc, 195KB)

1 Lincoln Avenue, Oakleigh (doc, 96KB)

78 Kanooka Grove, Clayton (doc, 115KB)

361 Waverley Road, Mount Waverley (doc, 81KB)

47 Hilton Street, Mount Waverley (doc, 70KB)

45-49 Portman Street, Oakleigh (doc, 115KB)

2 Glenora Street, Chadstone (doc, 108KB)

3 Fairway Avenue, Mount Waverley (doc, 51KB)


65 Wave Avenue, Mount Waverley (doc, 75KB)

5-11 Madeline Street, Glen Waverley (doc, 72KB)

807-811 Warrigal Road and 1513-1517 Dandenong Road, Oakleigh (doc, 185KB)

33 Dickson Street, Mount Waverley (doc, 84KB)

11-13 Koonawarra Street, Clayton (docx, 48KB)

15 Darnley Grove, Wheelers Hill (doc, 105KB)

97-99 Blackburn Road, Mount Waverley (docx, 45KB)

127 Huntingdale Road, Oakleigh (doc, 91KB)

41 Nottingham Street, Glen Waverley (doc, 60KB)

35 Tullius Avenue, Oakleigh East (doc, 117KB)

763-765 High Street Road, Glen Waverley (doc, 100KB)

9 Pine Tree Avenue, Glen Waverley (doc, 68KB)

19 Panorama Street, Clayton (doc, 84KB)

12A Leicester Avenue, Glen Waverley (doc, 63KB)

47 Highvale Road, Glen Waverley (doc, 65KB)


444-454 Waverley Road and 1 Betty Court, Mount Waverley (doc, 147KB)

9 Anthony Drive, Mount Waverley (doc, 110KB)

61 Stanley Avenue, Mount Waverley (doc, 48KB)

57 Drummond Street, Chadstone (docx, 43KB)

30 Margate Crescent, Glen Waverley (docx, 43KB)

372 High Street Road, Mount Waverley (doc, 107KB)

29 Walter Street, Glen Waverley (doc, 100KB)

34 Highvale Road, Glen Waverley (docx, 36KB)

15 Greenham Crescent, Mount Waverley (doc, 102KB)


34 Jordan Street, Ashwood (doc, 50KB)

19 Norfolk Avenue, Oakleigh (doc, 124KB)

8 Tamala Avenue, Notting Hill (doc, 95KB)

52 Bogong Avenue, Glen Waverley (docx, 24KB)


4 Abbeygate Street, Oakleigh (doc, 83KB)

6 Ashbury Court, Mount Waverley (doc, 72KB)

52 Glencairn Street, Mulgrave (doc, 53KB)


169 Power Street, Chadstone (docx, 33KB)

52 Mannering Drive, Glen Waverley (docx, 48KB)

3 Kingsley Grove, Mount Waverley (docx, 44KB)

6 Katta Court, Ashwood (doc, 65KB)

10 Francis Street, Mount Waverley (doc, 69KB)

16-18 Dalgety Street, Oakleigh (doc, 90KB)

614 Blackburn Road, Glen Waverley (doc, 56KB)

32 Estelle Street, Oakleigh (docx, 41KB)

1 Olinda Street, Glen Waverley (doc, 81KB)

13 Farnham Avenue, Wheelers Hill (doc, 117KB)

25 Morshead Avenue, Mount Waverley (doc, 47KB)

2 Stephens Street, Burwood (doc, 105KB)

20 Kinrade Street, Hughesdale (docx, 47KB)

1 Dunscombe Avenue, Glen Waverley (doc, 76KB)


7 Walter Street, Glen Waverley (doc, 80KB)

6 Bishop Court, Mount Waverley (doc, 63KB)

3A Carinish Road, Oakleigh South (pdf, 615KB)

229 Huntingdale Road and 48 Henry Street, Oakleigh (doc, 86KB)

2016 decisions


5 & 7 Eva Street, Clayton (doc, 82KB)

12 Sage Street, Oakleigh East (doc, 81KB)

32 Hansworth Street, Mulgrave (doc, 68KB)

6 Snowden Drive, Glen Waverley (doc, 674KB)

7 Churchill Avenue, Chadstone (doc, 72KB)

319 Blackburn Road, Mount Waverley (doc, 95KB)

35 Amaroo Street, Chadstone (doc, 71KB)

112 Poath Road, Hughesdale (docx, 41KB)

111 Lemont Avenue, Mount Waverley (doc, 49KB)

12A Johnson Street, Oakleigh (doc, 81KB)

62 Drummond Street, Chadstone (doc, 46KB)

19 Torroodun Street, Mount Waverley (docx, 32KB)


12 Carolina Street, Mount Waverley (doc, 104KB)

1 Yarrabee Court, Mount Waverley (doc, 54KB)

79 Mackie Road, Mulgrave (doc, 61KB)

9 Sandgate Avenue, Glen Waverley (doc, 76KB)

2 Fortuna Street, Clayton (doc, 54KB)

11 Coane Street, Oakleigh East (doc, 80KB)

833 High Street Road, Glen Waverley (doc, 95KB)


16 Peter Street, Oakleigh South (doc, 49KB)

23 Scotsburn Avenue, Oakleigh South (doc, 74KB)

8 Clematis Street, Glen Waverley (doc, 84KB)

29 Fulton Street, Oakleigh (docx, 18KB)

1/39 Hillview Avenue, Mount Waverley (doc, 85KB)

64 Power Avenue, Ashwood (doc, 64KB)

3 Summit Crescent, Glen Waverley (doc, 44KB)

1 Elwood Street, Notting Hill (doc, 82KB)

1-17 Beryl Avenue, Oakleigh (doc, 45KB)


169-175 Huntingdale Road, Oakleigh East (doc, 100KB)

63 Stanley Avenue, Mount Waverley (doc, 106KB)

182 Lum Road, Wheelers Hill (doc, 112KB)

406 Huntingdale Road, Oakleigh South (doc, 110KB)


2 Shirley Avenue, Glen Waverley (doc, 2MB)

1 Briggs Street, Mount Waverley (doc, 70KB)

278 Huntingdale Road, Huntingdale (doc, 66KB)

15 Clarendon Avenue, Oakleigh South (doc, 86KB)

183 Atherton Road, Oakleigh (docx, 36KB)

10 Tamarisk Avenue, Glen Waverley (doc, 82KB)

12 Inga Street, Oakleigh East (doc, 96KB)

1 Oakleigh Street, Oakleigh East (doc, 83KB)

22 Burton Avenue, Clayton (doc, 69KB)

148 Springvale Road, Glen Waverley (doc, 97KB)

9 Reid Street, Ashwood (doc, 95KB)


5-6 McLeod Place, Mount Waverley (doc, 75KB)

2 Wilga, Street Mount Waverley (doc, 74KB)

546-556 Waverley Road, Glen Waverley (doc, 48KB)

74 Ferntree Gully Road, Oakleigh East (doc, 119KB)

1 Rocklands Road, Ashwood (doc, 135KB)


89-93 Atherton Road, Oakleigh (doc, 510KB)

5 Tandara Court, Chadstone (doc, 124KB)

420 Huntingdale Road, Oakleigh South (docx, 45KB)

30 Tamarisk Avenue, Glen Waverley (doc, 73KB)

427 Huntingdale Road, Chadstone (doc, 106KB)

376 High Street Road, Mount Waverley (doc, 72KB)


1 Claudel Street, Oakleigh East (doc, 79KB)

12 Cleek Avenue, Oakleigh (docx, 29KB)

9 Carlisle Crescent, Hughesdale (doc, 70KB) 

48-52 Nonna Street, Oakleigh East (docx, 38KB)

697 High Street Road, Glen Waverley (doc, 72KB)

193-195 Clayton Road, Clayton (doc, 74KB)

4-8 Milliara Street, Mount Waverley (doc, 88KB)

523 Springvale Road, Glen Waverley (doc, 91KB)



55 Macrina Street, Oakleigh East (doc, 102KB)

37-39 Hunter Street, Glen Waverley (doc, 124KB)

36 Merrill Street, Mulgrave (doc, 104KB)

606 Blackburn Road, Glen Waverley (docx, 164KB)

49 Golf Links Avenue Oakleigh (doc, 49KB)

133 Stephensons Road, Mount Waverley (docx, 43KB)

656 Blackburn Road, Notting Hill (doc, 111KB)

4 Dart Court, Mount Waverley (docx, 40KB)

8 Catherine Avenue, Mount Waverley (doc, 67KB)


78 Poath Road, Hughesdale (docx, 48KB)

1437 Centre Road, Clayton (doc, 86KB)


308 & 310 Blackburn Road, Glen Waverley (docx, 44KB)

145 Huntingdale Road, Ashwood (doc, 68KB)

5 Margot Street, Chadstone (doc, 55KB)

7 Burton Avenue, Clayton (doc, 103KB)

7 Beauford Street, Huntingdale (docx, 39KB)

3 Essex Road, Mount Waverley (doc, 46KB)

13 Mortimer Street, Huntingdale (docx, 40KB)

10 Alvina Street, Oakleigh (doc, 105KB)

37 Koonawarra Street, Clayton (docx, 44KB)

3 Coolarn Street, Mount Waverley (doc, 70KB)

1 Oakern Street, Mount Waverley (doc, 80KB)

3 Hiscock Street, Chadstone (doc, 82KB)

4 Yileen Court, Ashwood (doc, 58KB)

25 Alexander Avenue, Oakleigh East (docx, 37KB)


1991 Dandenong Road, Clayton (doc, 48KB)

36 Garrison Drive, Glen Waverley (doc, 103KB)

1/93 Moriah Street, Clayton (doc, 50KB)

6-14 Wells Road, Oakleigh (doc, 54KB)

1 Jacana Street, Chadstone (doc, 71KB)

2015 decisions


2 Pemberley Drive, Notting Hill (doc, 52KB)

10 Clematis Street, Glen Waverley (docx, 40KB)

61 Stephensons Road, Mount Waverley (doc, 118KB)


4 Cheel Street, Oakleigh East (doc, 88KB)

101b Atherton Road, Oakleigh (doc, 77KB) 

843 High Street Road, Glen Waverley (docx, 32KB)

3A Carinish Road, Oakleigh (doc, 98KB)

104 Atkinson Street, Oakleigh (doc, 59KB) 

10-12 Wallace Avenue, Oakleigh South (doc, 100KB)

16 Lillian Street, Clayton (doc, 90KB)

3 Wallace Avenue, Oakleigh South (doc, 80KB)


13 Iona Street, Clayton (doc, 85KB)

871-881 Ferntree Gully Road, Wheelers Hill (doc, 85KB)

16 Teck Street, Ashwood (doc, 61KB)

34 Dion Road and 27-29 Ranfurlie Drive, Glen Waverley (doc, 94KB)

8 Miller Crescent, Mount Waverley (docx, 35KB)

580 Huntingdale Road, Mount Waverley (docx, 49KB)

54 Margot Street, Chadstone (doc, 62KB)

116 Moriah Street, Clayton (doc, 98KB) 

1346 Dandenong Road, Hughesdale (doc, 124KB)

34 Kemp Avenue, Mount Waverley (doc, 94KB)

192 Warrigal Road, Oakleigh (doc, 71KB)


1 Weabra Court, Chadstone (doc, 117KB) 

1 Debbie Street, Mount Waverley (doc, 100KB)

11 Le Gallienne Crescent, Mulgrave (doc, 86KB)


227 Clayton Road, Clayton (doc, 130KB)

25 Briggs Street, Mount Waverley (doc, 105KB)

93 Blackburn Road, Mount Waverley (doc, 51KB)


10 Kauri Grove Glen Waverley (doc, 125KB)

491 Waverley Road, Mount Waverley (doc, 117KB)

61 Westerfield Drive, Notting Hill (pdf, 104KB)

1/31 Windsor Avenue, Mount Waverley (doc, 46KB)

18 Churchill Avenue, Chadstone (doc, 56KB) 

539-559 Springvale Road, Mulgrave (doc, 74KB) 

10 Avondale Grove, Mount Waverley (doc, 123KB)

3-5 Joanna Court, Mount Waverley (doc, 130KB)


23 Lavidge Road, Ashwood (doc, 80KB)

55 Hansworth Street, Mulgrave (doc, 92KB)

842 Blackburn Road, Clayton (doc, 147KB)

217 Gallaghers Road, Glen Waverley (doc, 73KB)

21-23 Angus Drive, Glen Waverley (doc, 89KB)

3/20-24 Wingate Ave, Mount Waverley (docx, 30KB)

72 View Road, Clayton (doc, 84KB)

52 Rose Avenue, Glen Waverley (doc, 108KB)

1 Dart Court, Mount Waverley (doc, 69KB)

7-8 Salisbury Court, Glen Waverley  (doc, 115KB)

323 Huntingdale Road, Chadstone (doc, 102KB)


39 Ferntree Gully Road, Oakleigh (doc, 77KB)

19 Stanley Street, Mount Waverley (pdf, 118KB)

5 Albert Avenue, Oakleigh (doc, 130KB)

54 Collins Street Chadstone (doc, 86KB)

13 Barbara Avenue Glen Waverley (doc, 58KB)

4 Tandara Court Chadstone (doc, 111KB)


26-28 Lewton Road Mount Waverley (doc, 66KB)

34 Jordan Street Ashwood (doc, 72KB)

66 Patrick Street Oakleigh East (doc, 70KB)

78 Jaguar Drive Clayton (doc, 88KB)

40 Studley Street Mulgrave (doc, 66KB)


163 Carinish Road, Clayton (doc, 107KB)

28 Franklyn Street, Oakleigh East (doc, 75KB)

202 Poath Road, Hughesdale (doc, 71KB)


6A Stradbroke Street, Oakleigh South (pdf, 16KB)

2014 decisions













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