Residential Zones

In 2014, new residential zones were introduced across Monash after being approved by the Minister for Planning.

The new zonings came into effect on 13 June 2014.

Please note: This page refers to current zones in Monash. If you are interested in information about proposed changes to the zones, please visit  proposed new residential zones.

All residential land in Monash now falls into one of three new statewide zones:

  • General Residential
  • Neighbourhood Residential 
  • Residential Growth.

These zones replace the previous Residential 1 and Residential 2 zones.

The new zones allow for different levels of development. The Residential Growth zone encourages the greatest residential density and scale of development. At the other end of the scale, redevelopment is the most restricted in the Neighbourhood Residential zone.

The Minister for Planning required all councils to apply these new zones by 1 July 2014. Monash Council decided to take a staged approach to the rezoning.

The first stage involved what occurred in 2014: a "policy neutral" translation of the previous zones. This meant that land within a heritage precinct was rezoned to Neighbourhood Residential. The balance of land that was previously zoned Residential 1 was rezoned to General Residential. Land in Browns Rd, Clayton (the only land in Monash previously zoned Residential 2) was rezoned Residential Growth.

The second stage involved consulting with the community on changes to the zones before introducing changes. Here is more information on the new residential zones and development standards.

Maps of zones

Please find below maps that show which zones local properties fall into.  Please note:

  • GRZ2 - General Residential Zone
  • NRZ2 - Neighbourhood Residential Zone
  • RGZ - Residential Growth Zone
  • C1Z - Commercial 1 Zone (these are unchanged)
  • C2Z - Commercial 2 Zone (these are unchanged)

Translation into new Residential Zones - Stage 1 (pdf, 812KB)

Scheme Maps:

The below maps are numbered according to this overall map of Monash:

Residential zones map

Map 1 (pdf, 357KB)

Map 2 (pdf, 339KB) 

Map 3 (pdf, 361KB)

Map 4 (pdf, 310KB)

Map 5 (pdf, 135KB)

Map 6 (pdf, 273KB)

Map 7 (pdf, 475KB)

Map 8 (pdf, 473KB)

Map 9 (pdf, 421KB)

Map 10 (pdf, 423KB)

Map 11 (pdf, 244KB)

Map 12 (pdf, 185KB)

Map 13 (pdf, 402KB)

Map 14 (pdf, 525KB)

Map 15 (pdf, 296KB)

Map 16 (pdf, 348KB) 

Map 17 (pdf, 312KB)

Map 18 (pdf, 122KB)

Map 19 (pdf, 148KB)

Map 20 (pdf, 281KB)

Map 21 (pdf, 151KB)

Map 22 (pdf, 243KB)

Map 23 (pdf, 318KB)

Map 24 (pdf, 151KB)

Background Reports:

These residential zone changes were introduced into the Monash Planning Scheme through Amendment C119. Please find below some background reports that were produced to explain and support these residential zone changes.

Amendment C119 - Explanatory Report (pdf, 25KB)

(pdf, 195KB)Amendment C119 - Neighbourhood Residential Zone - NRZ1 - Clause 32.09 (pdf, 50KB)

Amendment C119 - Neighbourhood Residential Zone - NRZ1 - Schedule to Clause 32.09 (pdf, 195KB)

Amendment C119 - General Residential Zone - GRZ1 - Clause 32.08 (pdf, 46KB)

Amendment C119 - General Residential Zone - GRZ1 - Schedule to Clause 32.08 (pdf, 198KB)

Amendment C119 - Residential Growth Zone - RGZ1 - Clause 32.07 (pdf, 50KB)

Amendment C119 - Residential Growth Zone - RGZ1 - Schedule to Clause 32.07 (pdf, 198KB)

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