Huntingdale Precinct Plan

Adoption of Precinct Plan

Council adopted the Huntingdale Precinct Plan (subject to minor changes) at its meeting on 27 March 2020, and resolved to:

“[Direct] officers to convene a meeting of land owners in Area 7 to discuss the best way of encouraging the future development and rejuvenation of this area with a focus on employment consistent with the principles of the structure plan.”

The meeting of land owners will be held as soon as practicable, once Covid-19 restrictions have been sufficiently relaxed or lifted in order to safely hold the meeting.

The minor changes were:

  • Change the building heights in activity areas 8A and 8B to 3 storeys and delete the proposed setbacks so that they reflect current planning scheme provisions
  • Acknowledge that there are significant parking and traffic issues around Huntingdale Primary School
  • Editing and reformatting to improve readability, correct errors and simplify terminology.

The changes are currently being made to the Precinct Plan and we will publish the adopted version of the Plan on our website as soon as possible.

In the meantime, when reading the current document (pdf, 42MB) please also refer to the list of minor changes. (pdf, 84KB)

Precinct Plan

This is a transformative, long term vision outlining opportunities to revitalise Huntingdale and immediately surrounding areas.

Council, in collaboration with PriceWaterhouseCoopers Consulting, have developed a draft Precinct Plan for the Huntingdale Neighbourhood Centre and surrounding industrial and residential properties. This draft Plan sets out a clear, transformative vision for the future growth and development of the Huntingdale Neighbourhood Centre, which is one of the key areas in the Monash National Employment and Innovation Cluster (MNEIC).

Read the draft Precinct Plan (pdf, 42MB)


First round of consultation

In June 2019, Council resolved to release the draft Huntingdale Precinct Plan for community consultation. Feedback was sought from mid-July through to the end of September 2019. The consultation included giving notice to various stakeholders and making the draft Precinct Plan publicly available on various platforms. A total of 47 submissions were received from residents, business and property owners, and consultants/developers on behalf of land owners.

These submissions and Council's Officer responses were received and noted by Council at the 28 January 2020 meeting. However, Council resolved to undertake a further consultation and to hold a community meeting.

Second round of consultation

A second round of consultation was held between early February and 13 March 2020. This included a community meeting on 26 February 2020. Following this further round of consultation, a total of 80 submissions were received (an additional 33 submissions).

These submissions and Council’s Officer responses were received and noted by Council at the 27 March 2020 Special Council Meeting, and Council resolved to adopt the Precinct Plan with minor changes and to meet with landowners in Area 7.

Next steps

  • Organise a meeting with landowners in Area 7.
  • Preparation of an implementation plan, based on the actions outlined in the Huntingdale Precinct Plan for further discussion and endorsement.

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Last updated: 10 July 2020