Access through Reserves

Access through a Council Reserve Permit - Application (pdf, 39KB)

An Access Through Reserves Permit is required for all circumstances where a property owner and/or their contractor require access to private property through an adjoining Council Reserve or Property for building works or similar.

When you are completing building works, particularly at home, you may have problems giving your builders and their large machinery access to the area. If the area is next to a Council Reserve or Property, you can apply for an Access through Reserves permit. The permit functions exactly as the name suggests. In all circumstances where you, as property owner, and/or contractor need to access a private property for building works through a next door Council Reserve or property, you need to apply for the Access permit.

A common example would be if you live next door to a small park, and you need to get a big truck or digger into your back yard. But the thumping great machine won’t fit past your house. If you could just remove a bit of easily replaceable fence beside the park, and drive the machine on through the new opening via the park; it would fit.

So you complete the Council Reserve Access Permit application and submit it with:

  • A permit fee plus refundable security deposit - refer to Engineering Permit Fees (pdf, 188KB)
  • A sketch plan showing your proposed way of access, (the exact route you want to take to get that big truck or digger through the park and into your back-yard.)

When you make the application, the proposed access way is inspected before any approval can be given. You’ll need to put down a Refundable Security Deposit, the amount of which will be determined during the inspection.

Be aware that in ‘environmentally sensitive’ areas, your access is usually not permitted.


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Last updated: 19 June 2018