Golden Plate Awards


The Golden Plate Awards recognise businesses throughout the region that are providing a high standard of food safety.

Food proprietors are awarded up to five stars, based on their Annual Golden Plate Food Safety Assessment carried out by Council's Environmental Health Officers. 


Golden Plate Awards Winners

Golden Plate Award Winners 2018 (pdf, 450KB)

Golden Plate Award Winners 2017 (pdf, 436KB)

Golden Plate Award Winners 2016 (pdf, 230KB)

Golden Plate Awards Winners 2015 (pdf, 139KB)

Golden Plate Award Winners 2014 (pdf, 352KB)

Golden Plate Award Winners 2013 (pdf, 406KB)

Golden Plate Award Winners 2012 (pdf, 293KB)

Golden Plate Award Winners 2011 (pdf, 325KB)

How does the Golden Plate Awards Program Work?

The Golden Plate program will annually assess all food businesses which fall into Class 1 (aged and child care facilities, hospitals) and Class 2 (cafes, restaurants, takeaways, bakeries and any premises handling potentially hazardous food) for the Golden Plate Award.

Class 3 premises (those handling unpackaged low risk foods, selling potentially hazardous pre-packaged foods, or the warehousing or distribution of pre-packaged foods) will continue to be assessed annually however they will not be included in the Golden Plate Award program due to the 'low-risk' nature of these businesses.

The Golden Plate Food Safety Assessments will be conducted at unannounced times throughout the year. As a result of the food safety assessment the food business will be given a star rating based on points accumulated throughout the assessment.

3 Stars or More

If a star rating of three stars or more is achieved, the food business will be awarded a certificate, which they have the option of displaying. 

What if I don’t get more than 3 stars?

Food businesses that fail to achieve at least 3 stars will be targeted for extra inspections and offered additional food safety training.

How to obtain a Golden Plate 5 Star Award

To achieve a 5 star award a premises must:

  • Achieve a score of 93% or above during the assessment
  • Have a fully implemented food safety program
  • The premises must also have had no justified food related complaints in the previous year and no serious food safety risks during the inspection

To assist food businesses to achieve the highest possible score on the food safety assessment, Council's Food Safety Assessment Form and Explanatory Notes are available below.

Golden Plate Awards - Explanatory Notes (pdf, 143KB)

Food business proprietors are encouraged to use these forms to assess their own premises against the Food Safety Standards.

Benefits to Food Businesses

Awards and Customer Confidence

Food businesses that receive a Golden Plate Award have the option of displaying their certificate. The certificates show customers that Council has assessed a food premises and is satisfied that it is effectively managing the food safety risks associated with the business.

Minimised Food Safety Risk

A five-star award is commonly recognised as excellence in food safety and hygiene standards by the community. Achieving a five-star rating in food safety and hygiene the business will be contributing to better community health.

Promotional Opportunities

Businesses that achieve a five-star safe food rating:

  • Receive a 5 Star Food Safety Certificate
  • Are listed on the City of Monash website which is updated quarterly

For further information about the Golden Plate Award, please contact Customer Service on 9518 3555.

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Last updated: 03 January 2019