Use WINGMATE to track your aeroplane’s performance

Peter Wezenbeek from WINGMATE with with raceplane

Imagine a finely tuned Formula One Car. Precision built with the best parts available, driven by one of the world’s best drivers - and supported by a team of bright engineers veraciously devouring vehicle and driver performance analytics data in a bid to find just a few milliseconds advantage.  

Now imagine applying this level of data analysis to aeroplane training. Pilots would be able to train and improve skills more quickly than the traditional method which is still heavily dependent on feedback from an instructor, and can be highly subjective. Building better pilots is what Avionics startup WINGMATE is all about. They’re showing that pilots can be trained more effectively through data led insights and feedback.

WINGMATE is a simple yet powerful data and tracking device designed to monitor an aeroplane’s performance, and improve the flying experience for both experienced and novice private pilots. Best described as a black box for light aircraft, WINGMATE records flight data directly onto an SD card so that pilots can keep track of and measure their own performance quickly and easily. It is the perfect tool for flight instruction, rental companies, aerobatics and, of course, private pilots.

Peter Wezenbeek and Annet van den Nosterum are the team behind this clever tool. Drawing on Peter’s extensive F1 experience and the duo’s passion for flying, they first began developing a data collection unit for various applications some 10 years ago, and have evolved the product to fit the aviation niche.

WINGMATE now calls the Eastern Innovation (EI) hub in Mulgrave its home. Peter and Annet found out about EI through the events and functions regularly held at the centre and decided to join the EI community due to its great location – close enough to the city, but still near to their house in the Eastern Suburbs.

Peter and Annet also find working in an environment with fellow startups and the EI events extremely helpful. The pair believe that these events, both informal and educational, are important in building community cohesion, and keeping people motivated. 

Being based in the City of Monash has enabled WINGMATE to make a number of new contacts, which has helped open new doors for their business.


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Last updated: 05 August 2019