Arts and Culture Strategy

Monash Arts and Culture Strategy

Monash City Council has developed a new Arts and Culture Strategy intended to set a vision and guide Council’s involvement and investment in festivals, events, cultural activities and arts practice within the community over the coming three years.

In developing this plan, the Arts and Cultural Development Unit conducted background research and consulted with the local community, including community groups, event organisers, and arts practitioners. The purpose of the research and consultation was to:

  • Assess the community and its needs, in regards to their participation in and expectation of arts events and cultural activities
  • Bring together available demographic research regarding the Monash community and consider its relevance to events and cultural development in a local government context
  • Seek community feedback that will assist in the future planning of community events and cultural development activities over the next three years
  • Identify key themes and directions in a strategic plan, to guide the Arts and Cultural Development team in their work and to link with other Council plans and policies
  • Assist with the Arts and Cultural Unit’s business planning process

Please read:

Arts and Culture Strategy (pdf, 4MB)

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Last updated: 16 August 2019