Ripples and Journeys

Ripples & Journeys - Front

Ripples and Journey relates to the idea of how water is both a means of centralizing a community - the 'village well or fountain' as a meeting place - and as a metaphor that speaks of our individual journeys to this place though the movement of ripples.

The sculpture works as a parable - a visual parable that relates to these cultures and communities. The water plunging into the pool below and the individual droplets rising and then falling randomly into the water creating ripples. These ripples then grow outwards and join other ripples creating a wider pattern on the water.

Ripples and Journeys uses red, symbolising life across all cultures, and powerfully concentrating the pool as a central meeting place. In Chinese culture it is the colour of good luck representing celebration, happiness and beauty.

Ripples & Journeys

The 2010 sculpture is the work of Melbourne-based artist Konstantin Dimopoulos, who using linearity to define space has created an uncluttered simplicity, an aspect which is the hallmark of his work.

Born in Egypt in 1954, Dimopoulos's pieces have been included in the prestigious Australian Helen Lempriere National Sculpture Awards for 2006-07, as well as collections in the United States, Australia, United Arab Emirates and New Zealand.

The artwork is located in the reflecting pool at the front of the Monash Civic Centre in Glen Waverley, 293 Springvale Road.

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Last updated: 17 December 2015