Spirit of the Land

Spirit of the Land - Aerial

The Spirit of the Land is a breast feather sculpture, a blessing from Bunjil the Creator which is an important local Indigenous creation story.

The feather is both delicate and strong and the artists have addressed the site as a whole. By beginning with a story, people viewing the work will have a context to draw them in and can then consider the detail of the artwork and site.

The sculpture is approximately 1m high, 9m in length and about 2.5 tonnes. It nestles at the apex of Hurst Reserve and is visible from several vantage points.

Spirit of the Land - Portrait

Megan Cadd, Maree Clarke and Vicki Cousens were commissioned by the City of Monash to develop artwork for the JW Hurst Reserve, with Maree Clarke and Vicki Cousens having extensive experience including a major work at Birrunung Marr.  Megan Cadd is an up-and-coming artist, her work is very contemporary and her installations comment on aboriginality. 

The work completed in 2010 was installed in J.W. Hurst Reserve at the intersection of Ferntree Gully Road and Dandenong Road/Princes Highway, Oakleigh.

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Last updated: 11 August 2020