Post your postcard

Post your postcard

How different are we really?

How similar are we?

What’s your piece of the puzzle? 

Many faces, cultures and stories make up this neighbourhood. 

Post Your Postcard, the community art project, was embraced by many people at the Family Fun Day on Sunday 6 November 2016.

We would like to thank everyone of all ages who contributed to this project and shared their stories, images and thoughts of their ‘place’ in the neighbourhood.

We were able to map these stories on the day on a large scale map of Ashwood, Chadstone and Mount Waverley.


Children's stories:

Artwork (pdf, 838KB)

Community (pdf, 838KB)

Families (pdf, 877KB)

Fun Day (pdf, 1MB)

Monash (pdf, 1MB)

Stories (pdf, 935KB) 

Stories posted to:

Amaroo Street (pdf, 218KB)

Ashwood Drive - post 1 (pdf, 186KB)

Ashwood Drive - post 2 (pdf, 195KB)

Batesford Reserve - post 1 (pdf, 205KB)

Batesford Reserve - post 2 (pdf, 167KB)

Batesford Reserve - post 3 (pdf, 196KB)

Batesford Reserve - post 4 (pdf, 253KB)

Batesford Reserve - post 5 (pdf, 203KB)

Batesford Reserve - post 6 (pdf, 248KB)

Batesford Reserve - post 7 (pdf, 267KB)

Burton Street (pdf, 233KB)

Coolac Street (pdf, 214KB)

Federal Reserve (pdf, 235KB)

Grandview Road (pdf, 204KB)

Grenfell Road (pdf, 199KB)

High Street (pdf, 195KB)

Jingella Avenue - post 1 (pdf, 219KB)

Jingella Avenue - post 2 (pdf, 272KB)

Jordan Reserve (pdf, 189KB)

Kierans Way (pdf, 214KB)

Margot Street (pdf, 307KB)

Marrawa Crescent - post 1 (pdf, 237KB)

Marrawa Crescent - post 2 (pdf, 182KB)

Marrawaa Cresent - post 3 (pdf, 192KB)

Moorang Street (pdf, 231KB)

Mount Waverley - post 1 (pdf, 205KB)

Mount Waverley - post 2 (pdf, 197KB)

Mount Waverley - post 3 (pdf, 239KB)

Mount Waverley - post 4 (pdf, 177KB)

Mount Waverley - post 5 (pdf, 211KB)

Mount Waverley - post 6 (pdf, 192KB)

Mount Waverley Reserve (pdf, 204KB)

Parkhill Primary (pdf, 248KB)

Power Avenue (pdf, 201KB)

Riversdale Golf Club (pdf, 193KB)

Stephensons Road (pdf, 288KB)

Swanson Crescent (pdf, 222KB)

Warrina Street (pdf, 188KB)

Waverley Road (pdf, 195KB)

Winbarra Avenue (pdf, 182KB)


For more information call 9518 3636.

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