Melody - At Night

The Melody sculpture is inspired by the essence of the Universal Language according to it's creation Sun Yu-li.  Melody is formed by beginning with the dot, forming a line, then progressing to a plane, and finally into volume.

Melody - Children

Sun Yu-li, a former architect, has spent over 30 years studying the fundamentals of metaphysics, linguistics, topology, geometry, archaeology and philosophy.  His work can be described as “art of the mind” and his style “an expression of abstract thought based on metaphysical principles”.

The awe-inspiring project was completed in 2012 and was installed at Eaton Mall, Oakleigh village - between Atherton Rd and Chester St, Oakleigh.

The sculpture is being moved in March 2017 to a new location on the corner of Portman and Station Streets, Oakleigh.


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Last updated: 21 February 2017