Flavours of Monash Cookbook

Hands reaching for Eritrean food

12 truly authentic recipes, 12 rich stories…

More than just a cookbook, Flavours of Monash is a way of life.

Celebrate the ever-changing culture of food in Australia with a collection of recipes and stories from the City of Monash.

Staples from a family kitchen in Sri Lanka, pastries handed down through a Sephardic Jewish community in Calcutta, spicy stews all the way from Eritrea and lucky charms from the Irish tradition of Hallows Eve.

Each face and each recipe tells an age-old story of migration and celebrates the resourcefulness of New Australians and their abilities to adapt and thrive.

Download now: Flavours of Monash Cookbook (pdf, 2MB)

Photographed by Mia McDonald and produced by Monash Council for Clayton Festival online 2021.

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