Workshops: Water Ritual, Poetry and Drawing for Women

Woman in white cloak in front of waterfall

Poetry Workshop:
Saturday 20 February 2021, 1pm - 3pm

Drawing Workshop
Sunday 21 February 2021, 1pm - 3pm

Join acclaimed artist Sofie Dieu online as she embarks on a series of live drawing and poetry workshops exploring identity and new Australians.

In Water Ritual, Sofie examines womanhood and our natural environment, inviting people of all ages who have experienced 'arrival' to take part. Water Ritual uses Sofie's poetry practice and abstract drawing techniques to encourage free expression, captured through the Artist's own hauntingly beautiful digital animation.

With 2 live sessions Sofie explores poetry and drawing with a strong emphasis on women’s narratives. The poems and drawings will inform the creation of a digital animation by Sofie Dieu that will premiere online at the end of the Festival.

No specific skills are required to participate and the sessions have been adapted for people whose first language is not English.

Participants are encouraged to attend both workshops.

Materials required: A4 white paper, black pens of various sizes (such as fine liner ink pens, in 0.3; 0.7 and 1mm size)

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