Damper Creek Conservation Reserve

Damper Creek Reserve - Park & Playground

Damper Creek Conservation Reserve is an 11ha bushland reserve in Mount Waverley. The 1.5km narrow bushland strip follows the Damper Creek watercourse and has interpretative signage to guide you through the beautiful parkland.

The reserve has been stabilised and reconstructed by Council and the Friends of Damper Creek Reserve, with the important urban bushland now rich in indigenous flora and fauna.

Take your camera and be on the lookout for the southern bell frog, grey-headed flying fox, peregrine falcon, gang-gang cockatoo, sugar glider, and the striped marsh frog.

The reserve also has an extensive playground, compete with swings, slides, balance beams and a blue-tongue lizard climbing structure.

For people wanting a scenic walk, the Damper Creek Path is an unsealed walking path that runs through the reserve.


Facility Type

  • Park
  • Playground
  • Bushland reserve
  • Walking path


  • Bins
  • Car parking
  • Seats and/or picnic tables
  • Drinking fountain
  • Dog off-leash area
  • Dog poo bag dispenser
  • Playground
  • Walking track


Monash Council

9518 3555



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