Future arrangements at Jack Edwards Reserve

Jack Edwards Reserve off-lead

At its meeting on 30 June 2015, Council decided on the future arrangements for the Jack Edwards Reserve.

Council's decision respects the needs of the different sectors of the community that use the reserve, including both dog walkers and the tenant sports clubs.

Prior to making a decision, Council sought community feedback on proposed changes. This feedback was very valuable in ensuring that Council considered the needs of everyone who uses the reserve.

For a summary of the feedback that was provided, please read this Report to Council Meeting on Jack Edwards Reserve -30 June 2015 (pdf, 964KB)

The new arrangements (detailed below) will be phased in over July, as new signage and new fencing is installed. Council will implement a communications plan aimed at informing and educating the community about the arrangements:

Dog regulations

  • Dogs will be banned from the synthetic pitch area at all times.
  • Dogs will be banned from the synthetic pitch surrounds (as designated by a low level fence) during designated matches and scheduled training. At all other times, dogs can be off leash in this area.
  • Dogs will be banned from the natural turf pitch and immediate surrounding areas for two hours prior to - and during - designated National Premier League Victoria (NPLV) senior matches (see more in below paragraph)
  • Dogs will be banned from the natural turf pitch and immediate surrounding areas during scheduled training and other games.
  • At all other times, dogs can be off-leash on the natural turf pitch and immediate surrounding areas.
  • For all other areas of the reserve, dogs can continue to be off-leash at all times. Community entry to this area will be via a gate at the southern end of Parkside Avenue which will be unlocked at all times.

When senior NPLV matches are fixtured on the natural turf, the Oakleigh Cannons Football Club will be permitted to lock the gates to the natural turf pitch and charge admittance fees. The gates can be locked for up to two hours prior to NPLV senior matches but must reopen immediately after the game. While the gates are locked, access to this area will be restricted to spectators and associated club patrons. The fixture is available on the National Premier League Victoria website.


  • A 2.1 metre black powder coated fence (without a crank) will be erected along the length of Parkside Avenue.
  • 1.2 metre internal fences will be installed between the synthetic pitch and Parkside Avenue and between the synthetic pitch and the turf pitch to provide separation between the dog off-leash area and sport patrons.


  • Council will install a Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) camera network (including perimeter beams) to monitor the synthetic pitch and surrounds. This is to prevent vandalism from re-occurring.
  • The gates to the synthetic pitch (only) will be locked from dusk to dawn. Council’s security company will be responsible for locking and unlocking these gates. Council approval will be required to restrict access and charge entry fees for NPLV senior matches.

Other arrangements

  • Heavy vehicles such as trucks and large buses (rubbish collection vehicles excepted) will be banned from using the reserve’s off-street car park. This is to prevent damage to the car park.

Please find enclosed a table which sets out some of these arrangements in more detail.

New Classifications at Jack Edwards Reserve (docx, 53KB)

Contact person

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact:

  • Senior Animal Management/Community Local Laws Officer, on 9518 3257 (animal management and dog walker related enquiries) or
  • Coordinator Recreation Facility Management, on 9518 3560 (sport and recreation enquiries).

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