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Due to covid-19 (coronavirus), the State Government has introduced mandated social distancing of 1.5 metres and hygiene requirements in the interest of public safety.

Event organisers submitting an Expression of Interest (EOI) to conduct an event in the City of Monash must demonstrate how they will meet the current social distancing and hygiene requirements.

OI’s received by Council will be assessed according the State Government restrictions applicable at the time the EOI has been received.

Currently under the Third Step of the roadmap, up to 10 people may gather outdoors from any number of households, or more than 10 if all from the same household (children under 12 months of age not included in the limit).

Please read: Third Step from 11.59pm, 27 October 2020

As the State Government updates the social distancing requirements we will update the EOI requirements for events in the City of Monash.

When State regulation allows larger gatherings, event organisers that have had their EOI declined will be required to re-submit their EOI and do so 12 weeks prior to the event date. Organisers will also need to demonstrate in the EoI how they will comply with the social distancing requirements in place at the time of their submission.

Public and private events in Monash

Monash is home to a vibrant program of events and festivals that inspire strong, creative and connected communities.

We encourage and support community groups and organisations to hold their own events within Monash, helping to grow the diverse range of events on offer to our residents and visitors.

Whether you are organising a public or a private event, if it occurs in an outdoor public space anywhere in Monash, you will require approval from Council.

We have an experienced Community Events Officer, whose role it is provide support for community event organisers in staging events in our public spaces. To speak with our Community Events Officer call 9518 3567 or email

What is an Event?

An event is any organised activity that requires specific planning where people come together. An event may include a community, cultural and environmental gatherings, commercial activities, celebrations and some sporting events.

Will my event need a Permit?

An Event Permit is confirmation that the event complies with all of the necessary Council (and other regulatory bodies) requirements and legislations. The permit approval process is Council’s way of understanding what event organisers are planning as well as ensuring that public events are undertaken in a safe manner. A permit also clarifies responsibility and liabilities and minimises the impact on other users of the same space.

Street parties will require an Event Permit. Visit our Street Party page to learn more about what is required to close your street and have a street party. 

Monash Council requires notification of an event at least 12 weeks prior, to allow sufficient time to process a permit.

To find out whether your event will require a permit, event organisers will need to complete an Expression of Interest (EOI) online form (see How to Apply for a Permit) and answer some questions  which will provide Council with an initial overview of your event.

Council will use the information provided in your EOI to determine whether your event requires a permit. If you do, you will be asked to provide Public Liability Insurance (with a minimum of $20 million cover), submit an Event Plan, including (at a minimum) a Site Map and Risk Assessment before receiving your permit. Templates of these documents are available to assist you with your event planning.

Please read: Terms and Conditions (pdf, 467KB)

It is important that event organisers understand that it is necessary that an individual or an organisation that is a legal entity within its own right, is responsible and accountable for the operation of the event. This includes ensuring that the relevant permits and permissions are obtained before running an event and that the required level of insurance is maintained for the event.

People and organisations who organise and run events on Council land and/or buildings without having the relevant permissions or permits in place are likely to be subject to enforcement action which may include prosecution.

Events not required to seek approval

In some cases events may not need a permit. These could include:

  • Sporting events which are presented as part of a regular fixture and run by clubs within existing lease agreements
  • Group fitness activities
  • Events being held indoors, including Council buildings, halls and Community Centres
  • Ongoing markets (where a lease or licence has been issued by Council)
  • Events on private property
  • BBQs, Birthday parties, Christmas functions that do not involve things like temporary infrastructure, amplification, jumping castles/amusements.

If you are unsure to whether you event needs approval please get in touch with Council’s Community Events Officer who can offer advice.


Permit fees will not apply for not-for-profit or community organisations wishing to organise community events.

Permit fees are applicable for events organised by commercial organisations or businesses, including ticketed events. The Permit fee is $86.50.

Fees may also apply for the use of hiring public space.

How to apply for an event permit?

The following information outlines the Events Approval process and provides guidelines that must be considered when organising events on Monash Council land.

Step 1: Submit EOI

Timeframe: 12 weeks prior to the event date.

To apply to organise an event on Monash Council land, complete an Expression of Interest form.

EOI online application (new tab/window)

Community Event - Expression of Interest

The Expression of Interest form is a short online questionnaire to provide Council with an overview of your event so we can assess what approvals may be required. It is recommended that as much information is supplied as possible.

If you have already completed an Event Plan, Risk Assessment and Site Map for your event, please submit these with your EOI.

It is compulsory to submit a copy of your Public Liability Insurance – Certificate of Currency (minimum $20 million) with your EOI (street parties are exempt).

The submission of an Expression of Interest does not imply that the event is approved – it is a registration of interest only.

The Expression of Interest also applies to events that have previously taken place or happen on an annual basis.

Privacy Statement

Monash City Council (“Council”) collects personal information via this form for event administration and related purposes which the individual to whom the information relates may reasonably expect. Council will not release or provide access to personal information to any other person or body, unless (a) it has been authorised to do so by the person to whom the information relates, (b) it is permitted or required to do so by law, or (c) it is appropriate or required in the performance of the functions of Council. If you refuse to supply the requested information we may not be able to process your expression of interest. You may gain access to your personal information by contacting Council’s Privacy Officer via email at

Step 2: Approval to move forward

After submitting your EOI, the Community Events Officer will be in touch to let you know whether your event can move forward into the planning stage.

The Community Events Officer will determine whether your event is rated low, medium or high impact and what permissions and approvals may be required to deliver your event.

The Community Events Officer will be your main contact throughout the application process. They will provide you with details of the documentation Council requires from you in Step 3.

Step 3: Submit supporting documentation

Timeframe: A first draft of your Event Plan, Risk Assessment and Site Map must be provided to the Community Events Officer at least 8 weeks prior to the event date (if not already provided with the EOI).

Once a first draft of the Event Plan, Risk Assessment and Site Map is submitted, the Community Events Officer will review the documentation and offer recommendations to assist with refining the planning of event.

Low, medium and high impact events

If your event is categorised as a low impact event, no further documentation is required to be submitted.

If your event is categorised as a medium or high impact event, you will be required to submit:

  • A Detailed Event Plan
  • Risk Assessment
  • Site Map
  • Public Liability Insurance (minimum $20 million)
  • Evidence of notification to surrounding businesses/residents (if applicable)

The content of the Event Plan will depend of the type of event that you are organising. You may be required to submit additional supporting documentation. The Community Events Officer will be able to provide information on the Event Plan and any additional supporting documentation required.

Use the available Additional Forms and Resources to assist you with completing necessary documentation. 

Step 4:  Permit or approval issued

Timeframe: 5 working days prior to the event

Medium or High Impact events

A final copy of the Event Plan, Risk Assessment and Site Plan must be submitted and reviewed for approval by the Community Events Officer at least 5 working days prior to the event.

When all of your supporting documentation is approved, a permit or approval will be issued to the Event Organiser/Organisation. The permit may include a list of conditions by which the event organiser must comply with in order to safely deliver the event.

Low Impact events

An Acknowledgement Letter will be issued to the Event Organiser advising that the event may go ahead in line with information supplied in the EOI.

Step 5: Deliver Event

Your event is delivered safely in accordance with the issued permit conditions and your event plan, site map and risk assessment.

Step 6: Evaluation

Timeframe: 7 days after the event

After the event has been delivered, you will be required to complete a post-event evaluation form to report on the successes and challenges of the event.

A debrief meeting with Council may be scheduled to further evaluate the event.

Additional Forms and Resources

The templates and examples below have been developed to assist you with planning your event:

Please note, after opening any of the PDF templates, you will need to SAVE the template onto a location on your computer BEFORE editing. To edit, re-open the template from the saved location on your computer. Changes to the template will not be saved if you edit the online version of the template. After completing the form/template, SAVE again.

If you experience any problems reading documents listed below, please contact Community Events Office: call 9518 3567 or email

Event Planning Toolkit (pdf, 2MB)
Detailed Event Plan for Community Events (pdf, 431KB)
Risk Assessment Guidelines (pdf, 496KB)
Risk Assessment Template (docx, 426KB)
Pre-event Hazard Checklist (pdf, 292KB)
Event budget (xlsx, 17KB)
BBQ Trailer Booking Form (pdf, 538KB)
Useful Contacts for Event Organisers (pdf, 435KB)
Event Contact Sheet (pdf, 104KB)
Stallholder List (pdf, 67KB)
Production Schedule (pdf, 84KB)
Lost and Found Children Response Guide (pdf, 77KB)
Post-event evaluation form (pdf, 79KB)
Site map example (pdf, 744KB)
How to create a Site Map (pdf, 835KB)

Safe and Healthy Crowded Places - visit Australian Disaster Resilience Knowledge Hub website: Safe and Healthy Crowded Places Handbook

Where can I hold my event?

Booking a Reserve

Reserves, parks and halls are able to be booked for events, however there are some limitations on their availability and suitability for certain types of events.

Our Recreation team is also available to assist with general enquiries and availability of our parks and open spaces. Email

To book a reserve or park, please complete the EOI and list your intended space. Our Community Events Liaison Officer will then be in touch to confirm your booking.

Fees may apply.

Halls for Hire

The City of Monash operates 18 halls for use by the community. Our Hall Hire team will be able to assist with general enquiries and support for booking a hall. Email or call 9518 3684. Visit our Halls for Hire for more information.

Monash Community Grants Program

The Monash Community Grants Program (MCGP) provides funding to support community groups and organisations to deliver projects, activities and events held in Monash, to strengthen, enhance and benefit the local community.

Community grants are available to local organisations running community events and/or major festivals. Please note: approval to receive a Monash Community Grant in support of a community event/festival does not exempt you from the Event Permit requirements.

For more information on eligibility and applying for a community grant, please visit the Monash Community Grant Program.

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