Being a twin!

Twins in swimming pool

Monash Student Space Newsletter November 2019

Article by Rohan, 11 years old

Hello my name is Rohan, I am 11 years old and as you can tell from the title, I have a twin brother!

Having a twin is really fun because I always have someone to hang around and spend time with.

My brother and I are very supportive of each other and usually help one another when one of us is facing a tough situation. We both really enjoy playing sports such as tennis, cricket and table tennis just to name a few. We also enjoy watching TV, playing video games and just spending our spare time together doing random things.

Positive stuff about having a twin
  • Since I was born I have always had company and someone to play with. We would always play with each other and have lots of fun and to this day I still treasure having a twin brother.
  • Having my brother with me on the first day of school was very helpful because I had someone to keep me company when we were both trying to make friends. A downside of this is that we started getting fairly attached to each other and that is why we were put in separate classes in year 1. Nonetheless, it really helped us transition into a new environment.
The downside of having a twin
  • I am extremely grateful for having a brother, but there are some downsides of having a twin brother as well. One main problem me and my brother had was creating our own identity for ourselves. Because my brother and I looked the same, people would naturally assume that we were practically the same person. Kids would think that the both of us liked the same hobbies, food and clothes. It took my brother and I quite some time to build our own identities and this definitely didn’t change who we are today.
  • We also had a problem with comparing ourselves with one another for example, let’s say that my brother was really good at something and I was not. I would start to get very discouraged that my brother was better than me at something. We failed to realise that we could be good at other things as well. This would cause one of us to quit something because the other twin was better at it, but we did eventually get past it and we both now fully realise that we are good at different things.

Having a twin brother is something I am truly grateful for and is something that I will enjoy for the rest of my life. I am glad that I can share a small part of having a twin brother with you.

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Last updated: 31 October 2019