Talking sport with Wesley: Hockey

Girls playing hockey

Monash Student Space Newsletter November 2019

Article by Wesley, 14 years old

For decades hockey has been a sport of discipline, courage and teamwork. It is a thrilling game to play and interesting to spectate – hockey brings out the best in team spirit and fair play!

The basis of the rules to this sport are similar to those in soccer, except you use a stick to move the ball instead of your feet. The structure of the teams consists of a goal keeper, two full backs, three midfielders, three forwards and two inners.

Hockey is played in two thirty-minute halves and the pitch itself is divided into four quarters. The sport is suitable for those who are sufficient in long distance running and quick changeovers. Any well hit ball, or a tackle, can move the entire game down to the opposite goals.

Not only does hockey include cardiovascular exercise, it also strengthens court awareness and ball handling, such as drags and flicks that require intense skill.

Waverley Hockey Club is a great place to foster a hockey spirit in young boys and girls. Their “Hookin2Hockey” program is a fantastic way to ease the children into becoming familiar with the rules, and finding out their strengths in the sport. Whether you currently do not play a sport, or if you are interested in starting a new one, hockey is a great choice. I highly recommend it.

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Last updated: 31 October 2019