Monash Library study spaces

Monash Student Space Newsletter November 2019

Most of the Monash Libraries have quiet study/work spaces where you can work on that project or assignment with your friends or get help from your tutor.

Here are some handy reminders for when you use these spaces next:

  • "Treat the library as though it’s your best mate’s house – with respect!" - Aiden, 12
  • "When aiming for the bin, try and make sure all the rubbish goes in please" -  Eric, 17
  • "The library isn’t a WWE arena – leave your wrestling for when you get home please" - Emily, 15
  • "Please be careful what you say – lots of younger children use the library and they don’t like it when you use swear words, it makes them feel unsafe" - Joanne, 10


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Last updated: 31 October 2019