Opinion piece: Electric cars – the way of the future?

Electric car

Monash Student Space Newsletter November 2019

Article by Vishnu, 12 years old

Scientists have been researching ways we can help ourselves live on Earth sustainably.

We have come up with different types of renewable resources, renewable energy sources, and ways to stop polluting the Earth. Another option is electric cars. Electric cars are now more popular than ever. The most popular and well-known electric car (as well as being a semi-autonomous driving car) is the Tesla, by founder Elon Musk. The Tesla Company started production in 2003, with the Tesla Roadster making its debut in 2008. Electric cars possess many new and cool things, from the chill everyday driver who cares about the environment, to the race car driver!

The mighty electric beast, the Tesla Model S, is officially the world’s fastest accelerating car, driving from 0-100 km/h in a stunning 2.7 seconds! Electric cars have this accelerating advantage due to the instant torque that rushes straight to the wheels, making the EV (electric vehicle) fly off the race line in an instant!

From an environmentalist’s point of view, electric cars are amazing, because they don’t harm the environment like regular gasoline cars. They also don’t ruin scenery or beautiful landscapes with engine noise and emissions as they are almost soundless! Because of the fact that electric cars don’t have an engine, the sound they produce is very minimal. EV’s are also getting a reputation for having a very appealing look. For anyone who loves a plain, but luxurious interior, go with an electric car.

Even for the regular person, an EV has so many more benefits, when compared to a gasoline car, as it also provides more space than a gasoline car. Since the car doesn’t have an engine in the bonnet, it gives just extra storage to keep your stuff in.

Over time, electric cars will be cheaper to maintain, with low fill-up costs. Electric cars are also safer for us because we don’t breath in the somewhat toxic exhaust fumes other cars let out.

Electric cars are very beneficial to the environment, and to us.

By choosing an electric vehicle you are reducing harmful emissions from exhausts and keeping the environment clean for the next gen.

Electric vehicles have zero emissions, thanks to being exhaust- free. I know what I’d love to buy when I’m old enough to drive…

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Last updated: 31 October 2019