The rights of young people at the Monash City Council

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Monash Student Space Newsletter November 2019

Monash City Council values all children and young people. We are committed to being a child safe organisation and have zero tolerance to child abuse.

People that work for the Monash City Council believe that young people who participate in our activities, events, programs or services:

  • Should feel comfortable
  • Should be safe
  • Should feel safe
  • Have the right to contact their parents or trusted adult if they feel unsafe, uncomfortable or distressed at any time during an activity, event, program or service
  • Should expect that the activities, events, programs or services that we provide are suitable for young people’s age and development, and are led by appropriately qualified staff
  • Will be provided with clear directions and given an opportunity to redirect behaviour in a positive manner if staff believe that program rules have been broken or the young person has misbehaved
  • Should NOT be subject to disciplinary action involving physical punishment, or any form of treatment that could reasonably be considered degrading, cruel, frightening or humiliating
  • Should contribute suggestions and feedback on an activity, event, program or service in which they have participated.

For more information, any questions or to view the full policy please email:

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Last updated: 31 October 2019